Review: Broken by OnTheTurningAway

11 Apr

Broken by OnTheTurningAway

Summary: On the night of Edward and Bella’s wedding, Seth learns there is no escaping a broken heart. Slash, Jacob/Seth, Canon. Rated M for explicit sexual content and angst – warnings inside. Written for the No Stress Love Fest.

For a first go at a vamp/wolf fiction, OnTheTurningAway wrote a beautiful one-shot. Don’t expect anything light or fluffy, though. The whole tale is heartbreaking, full of anguish, longing and unrequited love.

Seth loves Edward. Jacob loves Bella. But neither of them will get an happy ending as the ones they love just got married.

Jake’s pain was my pain. I knew what it was like to care so deeply about someone who could never feel the same in return. I knew how painful it was to want something so badly that it consumed my every thought, but to have to put on a brave face so no one would see how much I was hurting. Everyone saw me as happy-go-lucky Seth, but underneath it all, I was just like Jake. We both pined for something that would never be. I was just better at hiding it.

OnTheTurningAway does an amazing job at describing Seth’s emotions. The excitement upon discovering his sexual orientation and his first fantasies starring mainly Jake, to the overwhelming feeling of love he has for Edward, and the terrible pain it creates.

Jake was the first person I ever fantasized about, the first boy I ever wanted. He wasn’t my first love, though. That title was unfortunately owned by Edward Cullen.

OnTheTurningAway made a clear effort in respecting the universe created by Stephenie Meyer in Twilight, and it is a pleasure to dive into this One-Shot and feel like all of it could have really happened.

My paws thundered over familiar terrain as I chased after him, following his thoughts and scent. I found him where the woods met the cliffs and land dropped off to the sea. He was slumped next to a tree, his normally rich russet fur matted and lackluster even as rays of sun peeked through the clouds. Sensing my approach, he turned and snarled, snapping his powerful jaws in my direction.

The story is short, a bit less than 2000 words, but the plot flows perfectly, following Seth’s thoughts and needs to feel complete, if only for a few moments. His attempt doesn’t work unfortunately and the final anguish is even stronger, nearly visceral. OnTheTurningAway‘s words put the reader right there with Seth, agonizing and mourning a love that will never be.

Broken is a beautiful pack slash fiction, with a myriad of emotions that will leave you breathless and hungry for more. Definitely worth giving it a try.

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