Writing Vamp: Don’t Forget the Little Guys

24 May

Side characters. Those obscure dudes we don’t really know much about. I adore stories that focus on these guys, and there’s not enough quality side character focused vampslash around.

This kind of fic can so easily be written canon, too. Who the hell can say what (or who) Felix was doing prior to the events of New Moon? Perhaps Marcus took a lover after he lost his mate (yeah, alright, he’s all depressed and shit, but who says he couldn’t use a little stress relief?). And I’d personally kill for some excellent Vladimir/Stefan fic 😉 Hell, Breaking Dawn alone is a wealth of interesting characters who got little to no action. That’s a whole bunch of untapped characters right there, to do with as you please 😉

Writing AU means you can bring a more established character in to pair up with your obscure fellow. I love me some Edward/Alec for example, but perhaps a little Jasper/Jenks is more your speed?

Of course, some of these side characters are better represented in fanfic than others. Peter for example, is quite popular. Try for someone you don’t see so much in fic, do something different, encourage your readers to let go of their comfortable ship and try something new.

I wanna see Nahuel slash. I wanna see Jared paired with a vampire. I wanna read more canon Alec!

Here’s a few fics with a side character standing up front:

In Betrayal by stitchcat, Alistair is one of the most monstrous serial killers in modern history.

Seraphim by duskwatcher2153 is an AU where Aro craves Carlisle’s purity and innocence.

In Wanderer: The Garrett Chronicles, Dellaterra explores pivotal political and cultural events with Garrett.

In The Big Top by Oh Jasper My Jasper, you get two side characters for the price of one in a James/Laurent AU.

Numb by afragilelittlehuman is an Edward/Alec Volturi fic (what, you think I wouldn’t squeeze my fave member of the Guard in here?). I find Alec—changed at such a young age, yet centuries old—a fascinating character.

Finally, with the only het pairing I can really stand, Dark Waters by Einfach Mich is a Leah/Edward where Leah is not a rabid bitch. I love Leah because she’s one of the few girls in the Saga who isn’t a simpering idiot (harsh, I know, but honestly…).

Who would you like to see more of? What great fic have you found that focuses on one of the little guys? Perhaps you’ve written one—tell us about it!


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5 responses to “Writing Vamp: Don’t Forget the Little Guys

  1. Starry

    May 25, 2011 at 3:56 am

    A friend of mine is a great writer of these side characters in main pairings. It’s introduced me to a lot of new pairings (MarcusSeth for example–in Complexity) and characters. If you’re into these more obscure pairings, you’ve got to check out twilightscribe’s journal on This is her tag page; check it out!

  2. dellaterra

    May 25, 2011 at 6:24 am

    Thank you for the rec! I’m pretty sure I’ll never get enough of Garrett. (There will be more soon.) Apparently, he’s my brand of heroin. (Well, Garrett and chocolate too.)

    • vampireisthenewblack

      May 26, 2011 at 12:01 am

      And now all I can think about is Garrett… covered in chocolate 😀

  3. sapphirescribe

    June 19, 2011 at 2:03 am

    There’s also a new C2 on ffn for slash with anyone BUT Edward and Jasper. Not all of it is vamp, but it might be another good place to start looking for the little guys. 🙂


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