Writing Vamp: Character

19 Sep

A new feature on the blog, beginning today, is ‘Character’. Somewhere between fangirling and profiling (and maybe a little self-pimping), we hope that this will be a writing resource, source of inspiration, and venue for discussion on the individual characters of the saga.

We’re going to be asking for guest bloggers for this feature, simply because there are so many authors out there who deserve to be recognised for the prior research and extensive work they have already done on their chosen favourite. We have a few authors in mind already for certain characters, and I’ll be sending emails soon after the first post of this feature goes out later today to ask if they’d be willing to profile their character for us.

If you believe that you are an expert on your favourite character and would like to guest blog for us, email us. We want canon details, details gained from picking through the books, from cross-referencing with real life history, from wrestling with Stephenie’s entire lack of continuity. We want anything above and beyond the information contained on the Twilight Lexicon (because while it is a fantastic resource, the compilers of the information there seem to look at face value only—there’s no reading between the lines), anything you’ve found in your research that qualifies as canon in regards to your character. We are particularly interested in those characters that tend to get neglected in fic, the minor characters in the saga. Guest bloggers are free to share the way they have interpreted the canon details of their character, and to reference their own or others stories in the way the character has been portrayed.

Profiles will not have to have a slash leaning, but will most definitely be vampire focused, and canon focused.

My post on Alec will be up later on today. I’m sure there are those who would be more eloquent than I on the subject, but I certainly don’t know anyone else who’s written as many Volturi Alec fics as I have 😉

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One response to “Writing Vamp: Character

  1. The 2 AM Writer

    September 19, 2011 at 4:26 pm

    Oooh exciting, especially the focus on minor characters. I’m always fascinated by the Charlotte/Peter/Jasper dynamic…


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