Halloween Fest: The Reveal!

14 Nov
Thank you to everyone who wrote, read, commented, guessed, tweeted, retweeted… etc 🙂 We got some fucktastic stories written for this fest and it’s been very fun and stress-free and awesome. So, yeah. Thanks everyone!

And finally we (well, you lot, I already know!) get to find out who wrote what. Did you guess correctly?

Who Wrote What

To Take Back What is Mine was written by vampireisthenewblack
The Romantic was written by vampireisthenewblack
Date with Destiny was written by SydneyTwilightMum
Scent and a Sound was written by sapphirescribe
If You Go Down to the Woods Today was written by missrebecca
Through the Woods was written by Starry
I Watch You Sleep was written by She’s a Lunatic
Cold Fingers was written by vampireisthenewblack
Once then Always was written by avioleta
The Missing One was written by ICMezzo
The Best Halloween Ever was written by mugglemom08
And I Am Re-begot Of Absence, Darkness, Death was written by RhythmJunkie

Thanks, everyone! Now, because it’s NaNo time, I’ll slowly get the fic posts updated with author pennames and links over the next week or so. Authors should feel free to post their fics wherever the hell they like. If authors want me to remove the fic text and replace with a link to where it’s posted email me because I’m happy to do that, too 🙂


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2 responses to “Halloween Fest: The Reveal!

  1. SydneyTwilightMum

    November 14, 2011 at 7:25 pm

    Thanks for hosting – I found it interesting to write in this genre!! 😀 I loved all the entries!


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