We aim to:

  • review fantastic fics
  • promote vampfic, particularly vampslash
  • promote discussion about writing vampfic and  the challenges faced by writers of vampfic

We have sections for het vampfic and all-human slash*, though these are not our priority and for one to be reviewed they will be phenomenal and have a point of difference that sets them well above the majority of fics in their genre.

We are picky. Expect reviewed stories to be of a very high quality. We write honest reviews. We won’t be posting porn (pics). We know that you know how to google. Consequently, the blog will not be updating several times a day, or even every day. I’m hoping for once a week at this stage.

You will be able to submit your own, or a favourite, fic for potential review. See above, we are picky. But don’t be discouraged. We want to discover something new, something that hasn’t been reviewed all over the place. We may at some point look for guest reviewers, those just as picky as we are 😉

One more thing. We are not here to stroke our own egos. Sure, we write some fantastic shit, but we won’t be reviewing our own or each other’s stories. You can find our fics on the FFn links below 🙂

Who we are and what we do:

  • vampireisthenewblack
    Delegator (honest, it’s about all I’m good for)
    Slash author, canon and blog nazi purist, fic snark and deviant.
    FFn | Blog | Twitter
  • venis-envy
    Twitter Girl
    Reader and writer of derivative fiction (because that sounds more grown-up than saying “fanfic”), repeatwordiness nazi, lover of photography (& Jared Leto), married to my smartphone, part-time superhero…but I’m not actually supposed to tell you that.
    FFn | Blog | Twitter
  • sapphirescribe
    Affiliate Chick
    Vamp-friendly slash lover and amateur author/blogger who pretends to shy away from angst but really loves a good cry.
    FFn | Twitter
  • mynameisserendipity
    Judge Herder
    Writer-wannabe and cheeky sunshine, who loves all things slash, vampire and shifters. Some think I’m a womble, others that I have a smurf-fetish. Don’t believe them, I am just French.
    FFn | Blog | Twitter

*We won’t be reviewing AH het fics. Ever.


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