We’re lazy. When we say vampslash, we mean any slash that is not All-Human. There might not be a vampire in sight, it could be all wolfslash or wolf/human. Hell, it could be robots. So vampslash means canon and alternate universe slash.

Vamp Approved
No vampires in sight, but even though there’s nothing vampslash about it, this is all-human slash so good you have to read it anyway. It’s been approved by the vampires. Or by the vampslashers. Something like that 😀

Slash Approved
Just like the above, this is non-slash (there might not be a het relationship in sight, but there is no m/m action) vampfic so good you have to read it anyway.

We use this term like we do ‘vampslash’. Anything that doesn’t count as all-human, and it encompasses all fics, regardless of pairing.

Slash. Fiction. O.o

Well, we’re not talking about Edward and Bella, are we? No. Here, canon means adhering faithfully to the world of the Twilight Saga in terms of events, physiology, the rules of the universe. Slash can be canon if it holds to these definites.

Yeah, alright, this can also be all-human, but here, it’s not. Otherwise we’d spend half our time explaining ourselves, and we’re just too lazy. Fics set in the Twilight world with deviations from canon, whether subtle or pronounced.

The most popular genre in the Twilight Fandom. Fics set in a world where vampires and shapeshifters don’t exist. Alternate-universe by default, so you don’t have to write AU/AH in your summaries.


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