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Halloween Fest Guesses

If you haven’t already take a stab at guessing the authors in the Halloween Fest. The master fic list and author list is here.

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Halloween Fest: Time to Guess the Author!

All the fest fics have posted, and now it’s time to guess who wrote what! For convenience, I’m linking all the stories from this post.

Guessing is open. We think it’s fun to speculate openly, so go crazy guessing who wrote which fic in the comments of the stories.

The only person who knows which author wrote each story is me (vampthenewblack) so anyone else, even the other VampSlash girls, are able to speculate in the comments.

Authors, if you are guessed right (or wrong), please remain vague so we have something to reveal on the 14th of November.

Go forth and have fun!

To Take Back What is Mine

Pairing/MC: Carlisle, Edward.
Genre(s): Horror, NM AU.
Wordcount: 500
Prompt/recipient: N/A
Rating: M
Summary: I’ve come to the ancient dungeons beneath Volterra to take back what is mine.
Disclaimer: Not mine.


The Romantic

Pairing/MC: Alec, Edward, Seth
Genre(s): slash, AU,
Wordcount: 3300
Prompt/recipient: #10
Rating: MA
Warnings: non-con
Summary: I will be punished when Aro finds out what I have lost for him, but I have served him well for centuries, and if I am lucky, I will escape with my life.
Disclaimer: Not mine.


Date with Destiny

Pairing/MC: Emmett
Genre(s): Horror, AU, Mystery
Wordcount: 217
Prompt: N/A – SapphireScribe did ask for Emmett so I kind of took it from that.
Rating: T
Warnings: Don’t really think there is any to give.
Summary: Every year they both look forward to All Hallows Eve. One remembers why, one never does.
Disclaimer: Twilight is not mine? Duh


Scent and a Sound

Pairing/MC: Riley/?
Genre(s): AU, human, vamp, wolf, slash
Wordcount: ~6000
Prompt/recipient: Inspired by prompt 12
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Blood. Slash. Smut. Though, really, if you have to be “warned” about any of those things, what are you doing here?
Summary: Riley has a stalker.
Disclaimer: I wish I owned this shit.


If You Go Down to the Woods Today

Pairing/MC: Bella/Rose/Alice
Genre(s): femmeslash, horror,
Wordcount: 6200
Prompt/recipient: N/A
Rating: M
Warnings: Says horror guys, I mean it.
Summary: A weekend away with the boys, what could possibly go wrong? A beautiful woman will always be a man’s undoing, but for Edward, Jasper and Emmett the consequences of their lust are deadly.
Disclaimer: All recognisable characters are the property of their creator, Stephanie Meyer, who is in no way affiliated with this piece of literary fan fiction. No copyright infringement is intended.


Through the Woods

Pairing/MC: Eric Yorkie, Paul, Jared
Genre(s): AU
Wordcount: 11,188
Prompt/recipient: @mauralee88 – Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? I want a creepy/scary take on Red Riding Hood.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: graphic sexual content; non-con, spanking, oral, rimming, felching—language
Summary: Even to him it sounded like a bad fairytale; a twisted version of Little Red Riding Hood that would forever haunt him. — Eric Yorkie was just a normal boy with a normal problem on, what he thought was, a normal night. Soon, he realizes there’s something very abnormal in the woods and, whatever it is, seems to have an interest in him.
I do not own The Twilight Saga in any way, shape, or form. I just ‘borrow’ the boys for some sexy times.


I Watch You Sleep

Pairing/MC: mystery narrator
Genre(s): AU, horror, general
Wordcount: 100
Prompt/recipient: N/A
Rating: T
Warnings: N/A
Summary: Sometime soon, I’ll get tired of watching.
Disclaimer: Not mine.


Cold Fingers

Pairing/MC: Bella/Leah
Genre(s): AU, romance, femmeslash, wolf pack,
Wordcount: 496
Prompt/recipient: N/A
Rating: PG
Warnings: N/A
Summary: Both of us were abandoned, jilted by the men we loved. AU, femmeslash.
Disclaimer: SM owns all.


Once then Always

Pairing/MC: Carlisle/Alec
Genre(s): Canon (post-BD); vampslash; angst
Wordcount: 7400
Prompt/recipient: Prompt #11, Inebriation (for vampireisthenewblack)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: explicit m/m sex and a bit of blood; please consider the pairing before reading. Alec is older yet physically younger than Carlisle. Not technically underage, but could be considered offensive nonetheless.
Summary: “What are you doing here?” The boy grins. “Come now, Carlisle, don’t you know your ghosts always find you on All Hallows’ Eve?”
The characters aren’t mine. The words are. Please heed the warnings and rating. I mean it.


The Missing One

Pairing/MC: Carlisle
Genre(s): AU, vamp, general
Wordcount: 1125
Prompt/recipient: N/A
Rating: T
Summary: Carlisle got home from the hospital, he toed off his shoes, draped his jacket over the top of his favorite chair, then went upstairs to wait.
All copyrights, trademarked items, or recognizable characters, plots, etc., mentioned herein belong to their respective owners. No copying or reproduction of this work is permitted without express authorization.


The Best Halloween Ever

Pairing/MC: Edward/Jasper
Genre(s): AU, slash, romance
Wordcount: 1837
Prompt/recipient: #7
Rating: M
Warnings: Don’t like boys with boys? Don’t read.
Summary: Edward always does something special for Jasper for Halloween; what’s he up to this year?
This hasn’t been beta’d or pre-read. Also, I don’t own Twilight.


And I Am Re-begot Of Absence, Darkness, Death

Genre(s): AU, horror, vamp, slash,
Wordcount: 1851
Prompt/recipient: Mauralee’s ‘Think Agatha Christie/Stephen King’ prompt, if you squint.
Rating: M
Warnings: Violence, non-con, general gore
Summary: A Hallowe’en camp-out in the woods is all in good fun. Isn’t it?
It’s not mine. None of it.











She’s a Lunatic



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Review: Getting By, by sadtomato

Getting By, by sadtomato

Summary: Edward and Bella are gone, their families left to deal with crushing grief in their absence. The Cullens have moved away, but Carlisle comes back to Forks to check on Charlie and prevent another tragedy . Grief/Loss. M for Mature Themes but not Lemony.

Carlisle and Charlie certainly isn’t a pairing I’d go looking for by choice. But Getting By is written by sadtomato, and sadtomato is one of those rare AH authors whose fics this anti-AH reader* will run to, no questions asked.

*Yes, I am fully and completely aware that I am a huge hypocrite because I write both AH and also the most bog-standard pairing out there next to E/B. But I write other stuff too, so :p

Sadtomato is also an author who is not afraid to write the less popular pairings either.


But I’m getting distracted. Yes, Carlisle and Charlie is a pairing with great potential for squick. sadtomato does it in a way that makes sense in the slightly altered universe she creates.

Getting By is not a story about sex. It’s a story about grief. About loss, and about dealing with that loss. We get to see both sides of this story. Through Charlie we hear what he believes happened to his daughter and her new husband, and then later, through Carlisle we discover what really happened.

It’s Alice who pushes these two men, who have lost something so similar, together.

The pain each of these men feel is palpable in the way sadtomato writes.

I love this version of Carlisle. He drinks with Charlie and admits his family is not okay. He admits that he, himself is not okay. And he says ‘fuck’ 🙂

Vampires can’t get drunk, but by acting that way he loses his inhibitions and allows himself to not be the strong one for a change.

When Carlisle climbs into Bella’s bed in search of the last trace of Edward, I felt his loss keenly.

I lift up the comforter, exposing sheets that haven’t been changed in two years, and I find exactly what I’m looking for.

Edward. It smells like Edward in here. The sheets, and especially the pillow. I crawl on my hands and knees into the bed and bury my face in the bedding, breathing him in. Somehow I end up curled up on my side, clutching the pillow to my face and trying to inhale every trace of Edward’s scent.

This is all that’s left. All that remains, after we cleaned out the house on the Island and moved out of the house in Forks. We still have some of his things-the ones Rosalie didn’t burn-but we’ve all handled them so much that they don’t really smell like Edward anymore.

This is all that I have. And I know it will dissipate now, especially since I’ve disturbed the bedding. I know that someday Charlie willcome in here and clean things out, or he’ll sell the house and someone else will do it.

This is my only chance. I hold the pillow tighter, gasping and taking great, heaving breaths. I miss him so much. He was my brother, my friend, myson, and I’ll never see him again. He just left me without giving me a chance to say goodbye.

I lie there for hours, just breathing.

I tell myself I’ll get up when I’ve had enough, but I realize around two in the morning that I’ll never have enough. I whisper my goodbyes to the last trace of Edward left on Earth-I tell him that I miss him, and I’m sorry, and I love him.

Awwwww 😦 Stop me before I get all gushy about Edward and Carlisle 😉

So why does this qualify as a slash story? Because when Carlisle wakes Charlie from a nightmare, they take comfort in each other. It’s not graphic, it’s not romantic. It’s desperate and confusing and scary and you grit your teeth and feel kind of mortified for Carlisle and what is happening to him.

The desperation and surrender with which these two men come together is ridiculously hot. And even though they only have one orgasm between them and no clothing is ever removed, this is easily one of the most erotic sex scenes I’ve read in twislash.

It’s hot, and it’s real, and it fits. It’s not a sex scene slotted into a story for kicks. This gritty realness gives me story orgasms. True story. (Not really, but you know what I mean.) sadtomato never steps past the point of believability. This is something I strive for in my own stories, something I expect from the fics I read. Possibility. Authenticity. Reality. sadtomato brings us such an unlikely pairing and makes it completely believable.

One of the most interesting things sadtomato does in this story is the way she deals with bloodlust. This here is why I’m into vampfic. The desire of a vampire for the blood of his human lover is the very basis for Twilight and so many other vampire/human romances. It’s why I love the vampire genre, and it is the thing I hope to find in any vampire/human pairing. And I was very pleased to find it here where with Carlisle as a character it had to be handled well (or not at all).

I’m so glad sadtomato wrote a vampfic because she is truly one of my favourite twific authors and I’m so pleased to be able to write a VampSlash review on one of her works. I’m hoping like hell she decides to write some more vampfic in the future.

For the Halloween Fest, perhaps? How’s that for a challenge? 😉

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Review: A Light Exists in Spring by shoefreak37

A Light Exists in Spring by shoefreak37

Summary: The Volturi find a new prospect in Forks. “All I know is, I think I’m gay for Edward Cullen, and in two days I’m supposed to die.” Slash Backslash 3.0 entry. Post Breaking Dawn.

Are there pairings rarer than Mike/Edward? Not many, if any (kiwi joke). So when this SBS3.0 entry appeared in my box, I squeed, loud and for real. VampSlash! Mike/Edward! Volturi! All my wildest dreams have come true! And I’m exhibiting a blatant author bias here, but I knew that because it had been written by shoefreak37, it would be right up my personal alley (and doesn’t that just sound filthy, no?)

Anyway. shoe. Mike. Edward. Volturi… vamp is a happy girl.

The story is post-BD, and as far as I’m concerned, entirely permissible as canon. Ahh, I do love a canon slash fic. The curtain rises on Edward as he descends into the depths of the Volturi dungeons, flanked by Felix and Demetri. Mike Newton is being held as their prisoner.

What on earth could the Volturi possibly want with Mike Newton?

The people who took him thought it was odd when Mike asked for a notebook and a pen. Once he got over the shock of being kidnapped, he grew bored. So bored he began to be afraid. Mike feared he would never be free again, feared he would forget who he had been entirely. He begins each page like this:

I am Mike Newton. I sometimes wish I were taller so I could slam dunk a basketball. My hair is blond. My birthday is in _ days. I will live to turn twenty.

In A Light Exists in Spring, shoefreak37 creates an addition to the Twilight mythology that fits seamlessly, and intrigued me right from the first mention. It’s impossible to share further without being a Spoily McSpoilpants, so I won’t, but I will say that the gift shoe gives Mike—and the reason the Volturi want him—is so entirely perfect for his character that I am once again rendered almost speechless by her insight into her characters.

Almost 😉

Now, this is a slash fic of course, and shoe doesn’t disappoint on the action. For 21 days, Edward and Mike are locked in a cell together. Oh my god but isn’t that one of my all time fantasies 😉 With no one else to talk to, these boys get to know each other very well. Mike comes to realise that Edward isn’t as bad as he once thought…in fact, he might actually be quite fond of him.

And Edward…

Edward is amazed by Mike. He wonders why Bella clung to Jacob when he left her, when she could have enjoyed the company Edward is enjoying. Here is Mike, days from death or an eternity of servitude, and he strives to keep Edward entertained. Would she have even missed Edward, had she really gotten to know Mike?

Edward has a couple of unique advantages. He can read Mike’s mind. He has also seen the visions Alice had before he left Forks. He knows what’s going to happen between them. And happen it does. shoe’s sex is lovely, as ever. It did remind me of my all time favourite VampSlash, Tracking Redemption, by the same author. The couples are entirely different, in completely different situations, but the language she uses is wonderful. She makes angry sex beautiful, and then when angry sex becomes tender and sweet it transitions nicely. She’s not gratuitous about sex, either. The story comes first and foremost, which I honestly cannot say for yours truly 😉

My name is Mike Newton. There are only two more days until my twentieth birthday.

For the last six days, I have spent most of my time having sex with Edward. I’m pretty confused about that.

The truth is, I have no idea what to think, can’t even begin to think about what to think. Was I into guys before? I don’t know.

All I know is, I think I’m gay for Edward Cullen, and in two days I’m supposed to die.

Mike draws a picture of a wooden stake going into a cartoon heart.

I might love him a little.

A Light Exists in Spring lived up to everything I have come to expect from one of shoefreak37’s VampSlash fics. It’s a wonderful addition to the unusual Mike/Edward pairing.

ETA: A Light Exists in Spring took out the two top spots in SBS3.0, First Place Judges Choice and Winner of the Public Vote. I wrote this review well before the winners were announced and I had no idea a vampfic and a Mike fic would do so well in this usually AH heavy contest. I’m so pleased, I’m so pleased for shoe, congrats love, you completely and utterly deserve it!


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Halloween Fest: Accepting submissions October 1st!

Yep, I said I wasn’t going to accept submissions until the 17th of October, but I’m impatient, and also I’m suddenly a little worried that I will get inundated on that day and will have to rush to get them all scheduled to post. So I thought I’d give myself a head start.

We are now accepting your fics (and images if you have them) on the 1st October.

I don’t care where you are in the world, once it’s the 1st somewhere you can email them to us. Remember, .doc, .odt, or .rtf. No colour, no fancy formatting. Follow the instructions. Break your paragraphs using paragraph formatting in the document rather than an extra return—if you do it that way I’ll have to pick through your text and remove every single one O.O And if your story is long, I’m liable to cry 😉 And if everyone does it and I have to pick through a dozen fics or more, I’m liable to toss my toys out of my cot.

Much appreciated 😀

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Twilight Big Bang

The stories and artworks created for the Twilight Big Bang are complete and will be released on the 1st October.

I have it under very good authority that there is definitely some vampslash in the mix, so make sure you check it out! I know where I’m going to be October 1st 😀


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Character Study: Alec



twilight_saga_s_new_moon59 Alec of the Volturi Guard.  How I love this boy! True, I never gave him a second thought until I cast him as the villain in the very first brainstorm for a certain AH Edward/Seth fic I once decided to write 😉 That’s a very long story that I won’t go into here, but it is true that my love affair with Alec began with the AH incarnation of Brit Alec in Say Something Else. He still has a very cosy and warm place in my heart, of course, but it’s canon, vampire, Volturi Alec that I’m now firmly head over heels for.

The first time I wrote Alec as a vampire was in Fire, Blood, Truth for the first Beyond the Pale contest, and I wrote him canon. I re-read whole chapters of New Moon and Breaking Dawn to garner the tiny specks of information I needed to date him and to establish his gift.

But before I did that, I checked out his bio on Twilight Lexicon. Back then, they hadn’t updated to include anything about his gift, and his origin was understandably vague. One thing I did find that I’d never seen anywhere in canon, was the reference to Alec and Jane almost being burnt at the stake for witchcraft. Aha! I thought. We’re looking at somewhere in the second millennium. Inquisition I could work with, it’s an era I’ve studied before.

But lo and behold, when I re-read Breaking Dawn, I discovered that Alec and Jane had to have been changed much, much earlier.


It all hinges on the Romanian vampires, Vladimir and Stefan. When Vladimir says:

“We’ve been waiting for fifteen hundred years, Stefan. And they’ve only gotten stronger with the years.”

he is referring to the Volturi’s conquest over the Romanian coven. Later, during the epic battle that wasn’t:

“…Alec owes me many lives, but I will settle for his… He’s mine.”

suggesting that Alec was one of the main reasons for the Volturi’s conquest. Therefore, Alec existed fifteen hundred years before the events that transpired in Breaking Dawn.

I figure Alec and Jane were changed not long before. I imagine that Aro would have taken advantage of his advantage over the Romanians as soon as he was able, so I’ve dated Alec’s change at around 500AD.

There is, however, a moment in Eclipse where Jane implies that she has never met Carlisle before:

“It was nice to meet you, Carlisle—I’d thought Aro was exaggerating.”

which caused me some confusion. I can only assume that Steph didn’t have Alec and Jane’s history finalised when she wrote Eclipse, because this is one hell of a continuity issue. So when I write, I choose to ignore this little piece of canon (because it doesn’t fit later accounts). The only other option is to assume that Jane was not with the Volturi during those decades that Carlisle was staying with them—which seems a bit of a stretch.

There are no clues that I can pick up as to what part of the world Alec and Jane are originally from. Their names are English, so it’s possible that their origin is Britain in the early Middle Ages. When I first wrote Alec, however, I made him Italian and used the Byzantine culture to influence his attitudes and ideas.


In New Moon, Bella describes Jane (and by default we assume Alec is of a similar appearance in age):

At first I thought it was a young boy. The newcomer was as tiny as Alice…

The body under the cloak…was slim and androgynous.

Her size was so insignificant…

…Jane spoke again, her childish voice…

The Twilight Lexicon entry on Alec describes his age when changed only as ‘very young’. The witchcraft story that is not found in canon implies that Aro would have preferred them a little more grown up before he changed them, but they are obviously past the uncontrollable age of the ‘immortal children’.

I’ve always interpreted this as Alec (and Jane) having been in early adolescence when changed. There’s no way they are as old as Edward was, and Jane being described as boy-like and androgynous suggests not a hell of a lot of development has gone on there.

Because I was writing for Beyond the Pale, my Alec in Fire, Blood, Truth was 12-13—though I never stated his age. When I tried submitting the fic to My Vamp Fiction, it was rejected stating they considered canon Alec to be even younger O.O

Generally I think Alec and Jane can be assumed to have between anywhere between 11 and 15 when changed, though I usually assume toward the younger end of the scale.


I don’t read much more into Alec’s gift than is given at face value in the books. He’s the antidote to Jane—and I used that literally when I wrote Fire, Blood, Truth—he takes away the senses. You can still move, as Edward explains in Breaking Dawn:

“If he uses his gift against us, we will all stand blind and deaf until they get around to killing us—maybe they’ll simply burn us without bothering to tear us apart first. Oh, we could try to fight, but we’ll be more likely to hurt one another than we would be to hurt one of them.”

but you can’t feel, see or hear. One thing I am unsure about is if any extrasensory stuff would be affected. Could Alice still have visions? Could Edward still hear thoughts? The thing is, we’ve never seen Alec’s gift used successfully in canon, so much of it is guesswork and interpretation.


Alec doesn’t actually have a lot to say in any of the books. Poor lad has very little screen time. In fact, he gets spoken about more than he ever speaks. Consequently, we don’t actually know much about his personality or character. I like to think that Alec is the opposite of Jane, because frankly, she’s a raging bitch. I like to imagine Alec as I portrayed him in Fire, Blood, Truth—trying to fix the mess Jane made with her gift before they were changed. I like to think he is as playful as she is serious. I always write him as having redeeming qualities, and damn it, I just think he’s a cute kid—albeit one who has been alive for fifteen centuries.

I think the thing that fascinates me most about Alec is the dichotomy between his youthful appearance and his great age. He’s not a child, but he’s not an adult either. And something that gives me endless plot bunnies is the fact that neither he nor Jane are mated. Were they changed too young as Esme once feared for Edward? Surely if they were going to mate they would have done so in 1500 years?

I’ve based all my Alec research on what I’ve found in The Twilight Saga and what was on the Lexicon. I don’t own the Twilight Saga Guide (or whatever it’s called) and I’ve not read Bree Tanner.

Other vamp Alec fics I’ve written are The Way of Virtue, Worth the Wait, and Déjà Vu. Some others I’ve enjoyed are A Very Different Gift by giselle-lx, Numb by afragilelittlehuman, and Forbidden Love by upsidedownntwisted. I really wish there was more vamp Alec slash fic. If you know of one I don’t, please do rec me something!

Feel free to offer your own observations on Alec in the comments 😀


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