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The VampSlash Halloween Fest

It’s not a contest. There’s no judges or voting. We just want your words. Whether it’s a drabble, a flash fic, a one shot, or an entire novel, we want your Halloween themed stories. Grab a prompt, make a request, or use that plot bunny that’s been bugging you, and write something for the Halloween Fest!

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Go here for prompts and requests.


Accepting Submissions: 1st October
Deadline: 30th October
Posting: 31st October
Reveal: Monday 14th November

After the reveal, linked pennames will be added to all the fest stories. This will happen as time allows (because we’ll be smack bang in the middle of NaNoWriMo).

Word Count

Minimum 100 words. No maximum.

While the minimum submission is a drabble, we’d like complete stories (yes, a drabble can and should be a complete story, comprising beginning, middle, and end), something that can be enjoyed on it’s own, rather than first chapters, prologues or outtakes.


Halloween. It can be creepy or scary or disgusting or twisted or even comedy set on Halloween. It’s a fairly loose theme.


VampSlash (including femmeslash) and general vampfic. That means canon or AU fics only, no AH. If there is a romantic or sexual plot or subplot, it must be slash. For general fic, canon relationships may be assumed, but no mushy or smutty stuff. Horror, romance, family, hurt/comfort, we don’t care, we just want you to write*!

*or make graphics. New addition. You wanna make banners or cover art for the fest? Do it 😀


We’ll be providing some prompts, but also will open the comments on the prompt post up for requests. There’ll be no claiming of prompts or requests, they’ll stay up and anyone can use them. You don’t have to use a prompt or request, if you have your own plot bunny, that’s brilliant! Feel free to collaborate or submit multiple stories. The more fic, the better.


All fics to be submitted using the following header:

Author: (we’ll hide this until the reveal)
Author Link: (FFn profile, blog, twitter or whichever you prefer readers be directed to)
Pairing/MC: (if general, state the main characters)
Genre(s): (canon or AU; horror, romance etc; vamp, wolf; slash, femmeslash, general – we’ll be using these as tags, so be thorough)
(Prompt # or penname of request recipient. N/A if using your own plot bunny)
(you may choose not to warn, in which case give a generic buyer beware)
Additional tags you think may apply:


Please make sure you follow the guidelines—read this entire page—to make it quick and simple for vampthenewblack to format the stories for the blog. Thanks!

Send your fics to in .rtf, .doc, or .odt format. Formatting paragraphs to leave space between instead of two returns would be appreciated, to make it easier to format for the blog.

We’re not accepting submissions until 1st October. Gives you lots of time for writing, polishing, and betaing before you get the itchy-post-its (©venis-envy galaxywide). From the 1st to the 30th, send ‘em! You’ll be emailed a lovely participants button/badge/avatar thingy 🙂


Stories will be validated only for genre. You should polish and get your shit beta’d, because it’ll be posted as received.


All submissions will be posted between 11pm and midnight on 31st of October EST, on the VampSlash blog. As soon as they are up, the speculation can begin! That’s right, any guessing as to the identity of the author is very welcome in the comments of the story. So as not to give it away though, we ask that anyone who is guessed (whether they be the correct author or not) remains vague as to whether they did or didn’t author the story. A simple ‘no comment’ or ‘maybe I did, maybe I didn’t’ or similar should suffice.

Stories will be posted under the Halloween Fest category and tagged appropriately.


Just for fun, we’re gonna keep the authors secret. So don’t give it away. After the reveal, tell whoever you like, post wherever you like, and send us the link so we can whack it on your story. We’ll even pull the text of your story from the blog if you want, leaving the comments and the link so readers can find your story and review on your profile 😀 Because of the anonymous aspect, outtakes from previously posted stories won’t be eligible.


Grab the following graphic and use it as a twitter avatar, stick it on your blog, etc etc.


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