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Review: Getting By, by sadtomato

Getting By, by sadtomato

Summary: Edward and Bella are gone, their families left to deal with crushing grief in their absence. The Cullens have moved away, but Carlisle comes back to Forks to check on Charlie and prevent another tragedy . Grief/Loss. M for Mature Themes but not Lemony.

Carlisle and Charlie certainly isn’t a pairing I’d go looking for by choice. But Getting By is written by sadtomato, and sadtomato is one of those rare AH authors whose fics this anti-AH reader* will run to, no questions asked.

*Yes, I am fully and completely aware that I am a huge hypocrite because I write both AH and also the most bog-standard pairing out there next to E/B. But I write other stuff too, so :p

Sadtomato is also an author who is not afraid to write the less popular pairings either.


But I’m getting distracted. Yes, Carlisle and Charlie is a pairing with great potential for squick. sadtomato does it in a way that makes sense in the slightly altered universe she creates.

Getting By is not a story about sex. It’s a story about grief. About loss, and about dealing with that loss. We get to see both sides of this story. Through Charlie we hear what he believes happened to his daughter and her new husband, and then later, through Carlisle we discover what really happened.

It’s Alice who pushes these two men, who have lost something so similar, together.

The pain each of these men feel is palpable in the way sadtomato writes.

I love this version of Carlisle. He drinks with Charlie and admits his family is not okay. He admits that he, himself is not okay. And he says ‘fuck’ 🙂

Vampires can’t get drunk, but by acting that way he loses his inhibitions and allows himself to not be the strong one for a change.

When Carlisle climbs into Bella’s bed in search of the last trace of Edward, I felt his loss keenly.

I lift up the comforter, exposing sheets that haven’t been changed in two years, and I find exactly what I’m looking for.

Edward. It smells like Edward in here. The sheets, and especially the pillow. I crawl on my hands and knees into the bed and bury my face in the bedding, breathing him in. Somehow I end up curled up on my side, clutching the pillow to my face and trying to inhale every trace of Edward’s scent.

This is all that’s left. All that remains, after we cleaned out the house on the Island and moved out of the house in Forks. We still have some of his things-the ones Rosalie didn’t burn-but we’ve all handled them so much that they don’t really smell like Edward anymore.

This is all that I have. And I know it will dissipate now, especially since I’ve disturbed the bedding. I know that someday Charlie willcome in here and clean things out, or he’ll sell the house and someone else will do it.

This is my only chance. I hold the pillow tighter, gasping and taking great, heaving breaths. I miss him so much. He was my brother, my friend, myson, and I’ll never see him again. He just left me without giving me a chance to say goodbye.

I lie there for hours, just breathing.

I tell myself I’ll get up when I’ve had enough, but I realize around two in the morning that I’ll never have enough. I whisper my goodbyes to the last trace of Edward left on Earth-I tell him that I miss him, and I’m sorry, and I love him.

Awwwww 😦 Stop me before I get all gushy about Edward and Carlisle 😉

So why does this qualify as a slash story? Because when Carlisle wakes Charlie from a nightmare, they take comfort in each other. It’s not graphic, it’s not romantic. It’s desperate and confusing and scary and you grit your teeth and feel kind of mortified for Carlisle and what is happening to him.

The desperation and surrender with which these two men come together is ridiculously hot. And even though they only have one orgasm between them and no clothing is ever removed, this is easily one of the most erotic sex scenes I’ve read in twislash.

It’s hot, and it’s real, and it fits. It’s not a sex scene slotted into a story for kicks. This gritty realness gives me story orgasms. True story. (Not really, but you know what I mean.) sadtomato never steps past the point of believability. This is something I strive for in my own stories, something I expect from the fics I read. Possibility. Authenticity. Reality. sadtomato brings us such an unlikely pairing and makes it completely believable.

One of the most interesting things sadtomato does in this story is the way she deals with bloodlust. This here is why I’m into vampfic. The desire of a vampire for the blood of his human lover is the very basis for Twilight and so many other vampire/human romances. It’s why I love the vampire genre, and it is the thing I hope to find in any vampire/human pairing. And I was very pleased to find it here where with Carlisle as a character it had to be handled well (or not at all).

I’m so glad sadtomato wrote a vampfic because she is truly one of my favourite twific authors and I’m so pleased to be able to write a VampSlash review on one of her works. I’m hoping like hell she decides to write some more vampfic in the future.

For the Halloween Fest, perhaps? How’s that for a challenge? 😉

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Writing Vamp: Canon or Not?

I feel kinda silly. I’m about to say something that can easily be said in a tweet, but unfortunately, there’s still confusion. So here we go.

The definition of canon where it relates to fanfiction:

Canon = Fact.

Everything that happened in the books is fact and therefore canon.

Change a single event or character trait or location from the fact laid out in the books, and it’s not canon. You’re in alternate universe (AU) territory.

That’s really all you need to know, but I’ll talk a bit more so I don’t have to come back.

Confusion about canon comes from the fact that all those little bits that make up canon as a whole can be broken down.

Canon Pairings

AH Edward/Bella is a canon pairing – but it is not canon, ‘cause, you know, Edward’s human. Edward was never human during Bella’s lifetime. Tell all your AH het writing friends.

Canon Mythology

Your vampires are venomous, don’t sleep or bleed. Great! We love this. But if Bella gets changed by James in the ballet studio, it’s not canon.

Canon Timeline

Post Breaking Dawn, Edward and Jacob get together. Great! We love this! But if Edward bites Jake in the heat of passion and Jake walks away from it, it’s not canon.

You need all three of these to have a canon fic. If anything is missing, you’re in AU territory.

Then How Can Slash Ever Be Canon?

You’ve got a whole timeline that stretches from the Roman era (probably before, I’m writing off the top of my head, and I’m not an Aro expert) through to the 21st century and beyond if you want to do future fic.

What was Carlisle up to while he lived with the Volturi? Never is it said that he was a pure and chaste virgin before he married Esme.

Edward and Emmett’s hunting trips always made my slashy little heart leap in my chest.

Kill Bella and Alice after the curtain closes on Breaking Dawn and Edward and Jasper are free to take comfort in each other.

Weird wolfpack initiations that require submission to the alpha? Hell yes 😉

Just because Garrett ends up with Kate in Breaking Dawn, it doesn’t mean he only went for girls before that.

You can be canon pairing compliant in slash fic as long as canon pairings, within the canon timeline, remain intact.

How Do We Know What Is Canon?

You’ve read the books, right? It’s all there. Some of it is pretty vague, open to interpretation. That’s great. It makes us think.

Some things Steph got wrong. Not big on research, it appears. Can create headaches for fanfic authors, I generally say go with book canon, or go AU.

Steph wrote some extras and gave some interviews. Then she wrote a novella. Then a guide was released. If the stuff in there doesn’t contradict canon, go with it, call it canon, no worries. If it does, I’m inclined to go with the original material.

Do I Have To Write Canon?

Hell no! Alternate Universe is fantastic! You have so much freedom, you can twist things, rewrite history, make it so Bella was never born (is it just me that loves this kind of fic?), have your characters do deliciously filthy things they would never do in canon. Just label it AU so we know.

Finally, this isn’t just the VampSlash girls saying this. Canon isn’t really subjective. It’s a cross-fandom acceptance of fact. Once again, I suggest you read giselle-lx’s (one of our VampSlash Contest judges) Canon Fodder pt1. Please, please, please read it. It explains everything very well and you can decide whether you want to write your fic canon or AU.


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Review: Tracking Redemption by shoefreak37

Tracking Redemption by shoefreak37

Summary: When Edward flees to Volterra after learning of Bella’s death, he is coerced into remaining as a member of the Volturi Guard. Redemption can be found even when it is not being sought after. Slash/New Moon AU

For our first post-launch review, I chose the first fic I reach for when someone asks me for a vampslash rec. With perfect glee I sat down to re-read Tracking Redemption by shoefreak37. I very very very rarely re-read fanfic. Consequently, I thought I might have to push myself to pick it up. This was only the second time I’ve read this story, and yet once again, I couldn’t put it down.

The story begins in New Moon, but Edward is running to Volterra earlier than in canon. Alice has seen Bella in the meadow with Laurent, and then she disappears from Alice’s visions. With Bella dead, Edward runs off to commit Volturicide.

This time, no one follows him. This time, Aro succeeds in acquiring Edward as a member of the guard. His first assignment is a simple one, more or less. His second, not so much.

He began scouring the hardened nails with ferocity as though trying to purge himself of the self-loathing he was experiencing. If only he could get his hands clean, then he would be free of what he’d done. He could forget it.

Edward cleansed and rubbed and polished and buffed his fingernails, but the stains would not come clean. He added more force and the brush crumbled in his hand. He grabbed another one and began scrubbing again in desperation, and, once again, the tiny plastic tool could not withstand Edward’s panicked grip.

Shoefreak37 ‘humanises’ (so to speak) many of the Volturi, making them real people with depths beyond what we might think of as ‘evil’. Edward finds a few friends within the guard, and Demetri is there from the beginning. Slowly Edward comes to realise that perhaps he wasn’t attracted to Bella in the way he thought he was, and yet he continues to feel tremendous guilt over her death.

“I know that the pieces of your heart are scattered. You feel that you will never find them all again, but, trust me, I am very good at finding things. I already know the shape they are to go back in,” Demetri stated, clutching Edward’s left pectoral tightly. “I can feel how good your heart is Edward, even in its absence.”

Edward let his breath out in a rush, and sobbed once more quietly. “How can you stand to be near me? I can barely tolerate myself.”

“Edward, I have not been moved by another in well over five hundred years. How could I not want to be near you?”

I’m sitting here trying to find words to express how I feel about Edward and Demetri. I can’t. I get stupid-happy all over again. I have a different Demetri in my head from the one in the books (and definitely the movie). He’s patient and understanding. Gentle and self-sacrificing. I’m trying very hard not to *swoon* while I’m supposed to be helpful and factual and shit 😉

Edward is innocent and very pure at the beginning of the story. His thoughts are very proper. This character definitely grows and changes in the course of the story. The sex scenes in Tracking Redemption are very very hot (OMG mountain sex), but the first time Edward says something I wasn’t expecting, it almost killed me dead. More than that superficial change, Edward eventually comes to accept himself, to accept what he is, his immortality. This I found to be a very strong theme within the story, and is part of what makes it a perfect example of alternate universe vampfic.

Tracking Redemption is compelling, surprising, and concise. It’s a hair over 100k, but it doesn’t feel like a rambling epic. Every sentence adds to the story and advances the plot. I’ve heard Shoe refer to her prose as ‘purple’. It’s not, in my opinion. If there is a smattering of turgid members, it’s completely appropriate to Edward’s point of view. Shoe writes in third person, but she does it exceptionally, never once dropping out of Edward’s head and into someone else’s.

The strongest impression I come away with every time I read Tracking Redemption, is that it doesn’t read like serialised fiction. There are no loose ends. No obvious ‘corners’ the author has written herself into which she must then waste an entire chapter digging her way out of (don’t look at me like that, I have a WIP in which I’ve done that exact thing). The first time I read it, I could not believe that shoefreak37 hadn’t written the entire story before she posted a word. It just seemed that cohesive.

I was beyond impressed.

Tracking Redemption has an outtake, Hide and Seek, and a futuretake, Cadence of Humanity.

There is also a companion story: Til Death Do Us Part by GracieBlack28, which is a Jacob/Bella story set in the same universe. I haven’t read this, so I offer the link for FYI purposes. The author seems to have a few other stories set in this universe, focusing on the wolfpack, Embry and his parentage specifically.


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Review: Broken by OnTheTurningAway

Broken by OnTheTurningAway

Summary: On the night of Edward and Bella’s wedding, Seth learns there is no escaping a broken heart. Slash, Jacob/Seth, Canon. Rated M for explicit sexual content and angst – warnings inside. Written for the No Stress Love Fest.

For a first go at a vamp/wolf fiction, OnTheTurningAway wrote a beautiful one-shot. Don’t expect anything light or fluffy, though. The whole tale is heartbreaking, full of anguish, longing and unrequited love.

Seth loves Edward. Jacob loves Bella. But neither of them will get an happy ending as the ones they love just got married.

Jake’s pain was my pain. I knew what it was like to care so deeply about someone who could never feel the same in return. I knew how painful it was to want something so badly that it consumed my every thought, but to have to put on a brave face so no one would see how much I was hurting. Everyone saw me as happy-go-lucky Seth, but underneath it all, I was just like Jake. We both pined for something that would never be. I was just better at hiding it.

OnTheTurningAway does an amazing job at describing Seth’s emotions. The excitement upon discovering his sexual orientation and his first fantasies starring mainly Jake, to the overwhelming feeling of love he has for Edward, and the terrible pain it creates.

Jake was the first person I ever fantasized about, the first boy I ever wanted. He wasn’t my first love, though. That title was unfortunately owned by Edward Cullen.

OnTheTurningAway made a clear effort in respecting the universe created by Stephenie Meyer in Twilight, and it is a pleasure to dive into this One-Shot and feel like all of it could have really happened.

My paws thundered over familiar terrain as I chased after him, following his thoughts and scent. I found him where the woods met the cliffs and land dropped off to the sea. He was slumped next to a tree, his normally rich russet fur matted and lackluster even as rays of sun peeked through the clouds. Sensing my approach, he turned and snarled, snapping his powerful jaws in my direction.

The story is short, a bit less than 2000 words, but the plot flows perfectly, following Seth’s thoughts and needs to feel complete, if only for a few moments. His attempt doesn’t work unfortunately and the final anguish is even stronger, nearly visceral. OnTheTurningAway‘s words put the reader right there with Seth, agonizing and mourning a love that will never be.

Broken is a beautiful pack slash fiction, with a myriad of emotions that will leave you breathless and hungry for more. Definitely worth giving it a try.

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Review: For a Season by giselle-lx

For a Season by giselle-lx

Summary: They both think they’ve lost everything. But some things, it turns out, are never taken away. Edward/Carlisle Slash. Breaking Dawn AU

I think I might be somewhat of a snob when it comes to fic recs. If someone recommends a story for me to read simply by passing me a link and the title, I usually crinkle my nose and push it away unless the person knows me very well. I want to know why they are recommending the story to me. Why did they love it enough to want to share? So, when a dear friend of mine (who doesn’t usually read the kind of things I do) hit me up on chat last week asking if I’d read For a Season, I shrugged and made some “meh” sort of noise as I went about my business. She told me it was Edward/Carlisle, which piqued my interest a bit, but not enough. Then she said “canon,” and I said “okay, gimme!”

I’m really glad that I did, too. This story was absolutely beautiful. It’s AU Breaking Dawn, set sometime shortly after the Volturi confrontation, only this time, not everyone made it through.

I stand for a long time, thinking about how it was when it was her standing at this edge, the unbearable loss she must have been feeling. I understand it better, now. I have half a mind to check to see if anything has changed since the last time I jumped—it would be nice, I think, to feel the rush of wind on my face as I tumble over the fall, hear the resounding smack of my body hitting the boulders below.

Perhaps this time, the rocks will break me instead of the other way around.

Carlisle’s grief over the loss of his mate, while powerful and deep, is not the typical in-your-face sort of angst we’ve grown accustomed to in this fandom. The little ways that he manages to pull her to the forefront of his thoughts without abruptly changing the focus of the story is not only gracefully subtle, but also refreshingly unique.

Carlisle has a house of his own now, a thousand miles away from his remaining family members, and while shopping for things to fill the empty home, he realizes that it was always his wife’s preferences that shone through in their decor. He slips subtle little things in as a reminder of her—place settings, a vase full of daffodils—but there are also hints of Edward mingled into these nuances (the color of the threads in the dish towels). The way that the author has managed to intertwine their past with the future in such a discrete way was absolutely breathtaking.

Alice sends Carlisle a ticket to the Bulls game in Chicago and, by no small coincidence his seat happens to be right next to Edward’s. They don’t speak at first, but they don’t need to; they just find silent comfort in the company of one another. Struggling to maintain some semblance of normalcy in their suddenly very altered lives, Carlisle and Edward make it an unspoken habit of meeting at these basketball games throughout the season.

This story is compelling and gorgeous is so many ways, but I think what hooked me was the fact that it just flows so perfectly. There are no abrupt turns or twists. The budding relationship between our two main guys doesn’t even seem that shocking, despite the circumstances that brought them together, because of the foundation of the relationship between them all along. Everything about it is just so canon. These two characters are still exactly who they were meant to be.

I run my fingers through his hair and put my nose against it, inhaling spice and earth. Like those of all the ones I’ve turned, Edward’s scent carries a little bit of my own. Mine is a sweeter spice, like smoked cinnamon, Esme always said; Edward smelled to both of us a little darker, like nutmeg. The similarity is a biological warning to others of our kind; a marker that I’ve sired almost my entire coven, that they are likely to be loyal.

To me, it’s a reminder that he’s mine. Edward smells perfect to me.

This is truly a poetic and heartbreakingly beautiful story of lost love and finding something that’s been there all along. Each character, no matter how small their part, plays a pertinent role in helping the progress of the story and the flow of its plot. There isn’t a single part of this that I’ll skim over when I re-read (for the umpteenth time), and I’ll definitely be checking out more by giselle-lx. It’s no wonder it was chosen as first place judges pick in the CarlWard contest, but it does surprise the everloving f*** out of all of us here at the VampSlash blog that, for once, something that wasn’t AH placed so high in the public voting round as well, coming in second. I highly recommend this story for readers of all genres.


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Review: Arcana by solareclipses

Arcana by solareclipses

Summary: Pre-Twilight Volturi, canon AU. 2nd place femslash judges vote, In the Closet Contest. Together for centuries, Sulpicia longs for a deeper relationship with Didyme, the woman who also happens to be her mate’s sibling…

First off, I have to admit that as much as I love slash, I’ve never been drawn to the lady side of slash, so Arcana broke my proverbial femmeslash cherry.  Whether you’re a femmeslash virgin like me, or it’s the only thing you read, Arcana is a must-read.

What solareclipses so artfully does with this story is take a missing piece of the Twilight Saga and give it life.  She makes Sulpicia and Didyme real people – three dimensional characters with motivations and desires and fears.  And she does it in a way that is absolutely believable within Twilight canon.

She is light—so pure, that sometimes I feel I must shade my eyes from her brightness. Wherever her leather-sandaled feet venture, shadows flee, and laughter reigns. Her heart, still though it may be beneath her breast, sees only goodness, for she is only goodness in this den of vampire thieves and hungry lion men.

Solareclipses’ prose is well-researched and beautifully written.  She effortlessly weaves bits of history in with the narrative, creating a richer, fuller experience for the reader.  Though Arcana is only just over 5,000 words, there is no dearth of imagery or affect.  In fact, the story is likely more impactful than if it was twice as long.

At face value, Arcana is only about Sulpicia and Didyme.  However, through the telling of their relationship, their love, we get a glimpse into the lifestyles and lives of the Volturi through the centuries.  We also gain a better understanding of current-day Marcus’s misery and Aro’s need for power and control.

My husband Aro knows of my feelings. How can he not, when his every touch unveils to him my history, my every thought? There are no secrets between my mate and me. He does not hide his anger over my inexplicable desire for his sister, though he is also aware that my infatuation is beyond my control; it is perhaps this fact that annoys him most. I imagine that his gift often confronts him with love and lust for his much happier sibling. […]

The years pass, turn into decades, and then centuries. We witness the rise and fall of societies, participating in some, ignoring most. Eternity is longer than any of us were able to imagine. Velathri becomes Volterrae becomes Volterra, and our coven takes on the name Volturi, growing until Marcus is more frequently required in the great hall with Aro and Caius. The latter two thrive in this new, more powerful environment; Marcus broods without his wife. His angst is understandable; I cannot fathom living without Didyme.

As solareclipses points out in her ending Author’s Note, so often in fanfiction, slash especially, the focus is on the lemon.  We fixate on when a couple will get together, where it will happen, how it will happen, how many times, etc.  But in reality, relationships are largely a waiting game with no guarantee of citrus.  Arcana plays the waiting game well, but not in the typical way.  It’s not a story rife with sexual tension or innuendo, and the story isn’t just the lemon.

The story is the emotion and affection between the two women, strong enough to endure centuries.  And when the two finally do give in to their love for one another it is still more about their connection and less about the physical act.

“Let me see you,” she says, and unlike my hands, hers are calm and gentle. She takes her time, slowly pulling down one shoulder strap and then another; it is the single most pleasurable and torturous feeling I have experienced. My breathing is erratic as I stare into her eyes. I feel as though I am looking into her soul, and it is so painfully beautiful, so perfect, that I wish I could cry, if only to show her how deeply I care. Somehow, Didyme understands this, for she understands me. Her hands leave my dress straps sagging loosely around my biceps, coming up instead to cradle my face. “Shh, shh, shh. I understand, mellita.”

If you’re familiar with the Volturi in Twilight canon, you know that this story cannot have a happy ending.  But that ending just makes the rest of the story that much more poignant.

Arcana is a dynamic tale, one that is full of rich characters and gives the reader an intimate peek inside the walls of the Volturi that we could never hope to get from the original Twilight Saga.  If you’ve ever wondered about the interpersonal relationships within the Volturi, Arcana is a great place to start.  I enjoyed the story and its realism so much that I am choosing to believe it is canon.


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Review: BRONZE by mothlights

BRONZE by mothlights

Summary: Edward is a rebellious newborn lashing out at those who try to help him. At his wit’s end, Carlisle asks Isabella, the woman who was once his mentor, to take Edward in until his bloodlust cools. ExB Very AU – COMPLETE

I don’t read a lot of het fic. Very little. Probably less than 5% of all my fic reading is het. Probably 0.5% Edward/Bella. Just not a fic-Bella fan, I’m afraid.

Well. After reading BRONZE, I’m not sure I’ll be able to go back to reading even Steph’s Bella. There are some similarities, sure, but overall, mothlights Bella has very little to do with canon-Bella, and I like it that way.

Edward’s fingers twitched, but there was no pushing away Carlisle’s thoughts, so he swung his attention to the mind of the one who would soon be his keeper. Carlisle had called her Dae and Genovefa and her latest name, the name by which he had known her, Isabella. Even ten miles away, Edward could read her. She was focusing on the cool give and bristle of moss beneath her feet. Her heel came up; the air caught the moisture from the dew on her skin. Cool. Damp. Pressure. Motion. Skin and pine needles and earth. Then the smooth conformity of wood as she stepped into her house. If these wordless sensations were the only thoughts invading his mind until he mastered his godforsaken bloodlust and set out on his own, then it would be an improvement over his time in Washington.

In an alternate timeline, BRONZE’s Bella is an ancient vampire, a hermit living in a cabin in the mountains, who takes on the newborn and volatile Edward as a housemate. Edward himself is quite close to his canon self, or at least what he might have been like in his first few years. He is a mind reader, but is frustrated at the simplicity of Bella’s thoughts, which gives him no opportunity to figure her out.

Isabella turned to face him. The breeze was gone, and all the birds had flown, leaving the forest silent. She didn’t bother to blink, but Edward found himself blinking repeatedly. He had never felt quite so looked at before. Power seemed to roll off of her in waves, and he was certain that, like him, she had a talent – perhaps withering something on the spot or causing storms. Whatever it was she could do, why hadn’t Carlisle told him? Don’t growl. Do not growl, the most basic part of him warned. He wanted to pull his arms back as far as they would go and send her through the rough logs. Instead he felt himself bending slightly, almost bowing his head.

I’m not telling you what Bella’s gift is, only that it’s nothing like canon, and it is so well imagined and executed as to blend seamlessly into the Twilight universe. And I do love this Bella. She is strong and wise, yet not perfect.

“How old were you, Edward?”


“How old, when you ran your car off the road?”


“Nineteen,” she repeated. Her voice was soft. “You’re not a child, so I’m not going to treat you like one, no matter how you choose to act.” She dropped down so her face was in front of him. “But if you ever lay a hand on me again you will wish Carlisle had let you die. You understand?”

I hate to give away plot in reviews, and so I won’t. I will say that this is a real story. Sure, there is romance there, but there would still be a whole lot of story without it.  There are surprises, thrilling conflicts, bad guys, daring rescues, and original characters that have depth and rich histories of their own. And mothlights explores the Children of the Moon (the real werewolves), fleshing out the tiny details we got from canon into a very adequate mythology.

Though set entirely in the 21st Century, BRONZE took me on a journey through history. It gives glimpses of mammoth hunts, the markets of ancient Sumer, and the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. It touches on Aro’s humble beginnings, and the time before the Volturi made the laws, when the Romanians ruled the vampire world. And while brief, these glimpses are vivid, well researched, and used in just the right way within the story.

Mothlights didn’t bore me with details however. She gets right to the point without meandering, and yet she allows Bella’s history to come out gradually. Necessary exposition doesn’t seem out of place, it is integrated into the story and is as compelling as the rest of her words. Her prose is simple and unaffected, and yet so lyrical, with an ebb and flow that had me reading aloud to myself without realising I was doing it.

Once you’ve read it, check out the prequel that details Carlisle and Bella’s first meeting. It should have a glowing review all of it’s own: Corruption : Compassion

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