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VampSlash Roundup in the TwiKinkFest

The TwiKinkFest is “officially” complete, but there are still unclaimed prompts that are just begging to be written, many of which are vampslash prompts. Visit the tumblr blog for rules and procedures, and then check out the spreadsheet to see what’s left.

Without further ado, VampSlash in the TwiKinkFest! (NOTE: asterisks [**] denote fics added to this list since the last update.)

Bareback Mountain by Fr333bird
Pairing: Felix/Emmett
Word Count: 3,601
Summary: Felix and Emmett have always longed for someone of equal size and strength to spar with. They meet secretly once a year to give in to their basest urges, hunting and fighting. This year one thing leads to another.
Prompt: Vampslash! Felix and Emmeett have both longed for years for someone of equal size and strength to spar with. Despite the fact that their covens are at odds, they meet secretly once a year to give in to their basest urges – hunting and fighting. This time around, their wrestling becomes heated and sexy and turns into hot vampy fucking. Bonus points for unexpected tenderness mid-fuck and bloodplay.
My thoughts: Emmett? Check. Vamp hunting? Check. Hot vampy fucking? Check. Bottom!Emmett? I’m fucking dead.

**Body, remember by rhythm junkie
Pairing: Demetri/Mike
Word Count: 4,902
Summary: [see prompt]
Prompt: Marking with bruises. Slash, any pairing except Edward/Jasper, vamp/human. For example, vamp Garrett loves to grip boyfriend Mike’s wrists/throat/other body part a little too tightly, feeling the blood pool and watching it form a bruise under delicate human skin. I’d like this to be completely consensual and enjoyed by both men. No heavy pain play or D/s themes please.
My thoughts: This one wasn’t at all what I expected, but it exceeded any expectation I had. Something that stuck with me was the way the author was somehow able to evoke the senses – as I said in my review to her, I feel like I felt this story, rather than read it.

**Crescent Moon by dellaterra
Pairing: Jasper/?
Word Count: 6,787
Summary: The first bite was unintended… A very AU tale of what happened after Jasper’s escape from Maria, told from his rescuer’s POV. Rated M for M/M vamp slash, biting, and scarification. Written for the Twi Kink Fest. Read warning first.
Prompt: Jasper’s scars cover his body. His mate (slash pairing) wants to love on his scars, claim his scars, so they become representative of something beautiful. Biting them to create new scars is totally acceptable. Mate can be any vamp but preferably not Edward.
My thoughts: In the interest of full disclosure, this was one of my prompts, so I’ll try to tone down the squeeing. I will say, however, that this filled the prompt better than I could possibly have imagined. dellaterra took the prompt and put a very real, very beautiful story behind it. The story is told in first person POV and we don’t find out the speaker until the very end, but that’s okay because it’s Jasper’s story. Please do read the warning, I admit to a little bit of squick at one point, but it was an absolutely wonderful story and you’re doing a disservice to yourself if you don’t read it.

**Do or Die by vampireisthenewblack
Pairing: Edward/Carlisle
Word Count: 4,733
Summary: For the Twilight Kink Fest. Prompt: Fuck or Die. NM AU. Edward/Carlisle. Vampslash. NC-17.
Prompt: Fuck or Die, Edward. I don’t care how it happens. Maybe an evil vampire injects E w/vampire semen and the result is that he needs vamp semen to survive, needs it daily, worse than blood. Without it he’s weak, in pain…dying. He can take it orally or anally. Craves it all ways. As long as he gets enough he’s stable. Any vamp can satisfy him but I’d like to see Jasper or C or Em even claim/demand the sole responsibility for keeping E alive.
My thoughts: Like just about anything vampireisthenewblack writes, this is angsty but delicious. It features a painfully broken Edward for whom you can’t help feeling sorry. I won’t spoil it, but my favorite bit is at the very end where we see a beautifully protective side of Carlisle that will make any Carlward shipper’s heart happy.

**End Game by ArcadianMaggie
Pairing: Emmett/Jasper/Mike
Word Count: 6,225
Summary: The next time Mike enters the locker room after practice, the sound of running water is enough to make him burn. He knows Emmett’s just on the other side of that wall. Written for the Kink Fest. PWP. Slash. Mature content.
Prompt: Double penetration. M/M/M. At least one vamp, though I’d prefer the guy getting penetrated be human. Emmett comes to mind as a penetrator, but that’s not necessarily a requirement. And I wouldn’t be opposed to two vamps doing the penetration of one human. Not at all…
My thoughts: This was another of my prompts in the kinkfest and I was thrilled that ArcadianMaggie picked it up, and then doubly thrilled with how she wrote it. The building sexual tension is palpable (thank God for Jasper!) and the little ways in which Jasper and Emmett entice Mike into a sexual liaison were absolutely delicious. This fic is exactly what the prompt asked for and is perfect for it. Just remember that this is, in fact, a vampslash story.

For A Pack of His Own by anon
Pairing: Jacob/Sam/Paul
Word Count: ~1,300
Summary: [see prompt]
Prompt: In order to establish his status as alpha, Jacob forces his pack to submit to him. Sam immediately offers himself on all fours and this is where Jake starts. Each pack member reacts differently. Paul refuses to submit and is forced after a fight in human form. Bonus for bloody nose and mouth. Double bonus if Paul sucks Jake’s cock while bleeding. Jake should hold Paul down the whole time, telling him that he will submit.
My thoughts: Short, well-done, and fills the prompt perfectly. As a warning, this falls pretty solidly into the non-con category. So take that as your warning if that’s a hard limit for you.

**My Wolf by CherBella
Pairing: Carlisle/Sam
Word Count: 10,251
 TwiKinkFest story: To Look Into Their Eyes Forever Imprints Your Heart, To Hear Their Howls Forever Marks Your Soul, To Connect With Them Forever Bonds Your Spirits… Two lonely enemies destined to be together.
Prompt: I want first time animalistic outdoor sex, vamp or wolf or vamp/wolf with trees breaking, boulders cracking, etc. Could be after a fight or a tragic loss. High emotion fueling primal need with no thought to the destruction, complete letting go & unleashing of strength. Preferred pairings Edward/Jacob, Edward/Seth, but any pairing is fine, het & femme included!
My thoughts: Carlisle moves to Forks sans family and a few days later Sam shows up as his neighbor. Carlisle regularly goes running, both to clear his head and to hunt, and soon a wolf is matching his strides in the forest. Carlisle is remarkably unintuitive when it comes to these two things, but it appears that Sam’s his singer, so he must be forgiven. This fic features voyeur!Carlisle AND bottom!Carlisle, neither of which are versions of Carlisle I think we see enough of. And the fist time animalistic outdoor sex? Yum.

No Consequence by beckybrit
Pairing: Alec/Jane
Word Count: 5,094
Summary: To combat boredom, Alec and Jane toy with their victims before feasting on them. Warning: M/M/F scenes, incest and main character death/torture.
Prompt: Pain play & possible twincest. To combat boredom, Alec and Jane toy with their victims before feasting on them. I’m thinking a good cop (Alec)/bad cop (Jane) scenario. I’ll leave it up to the author to determine how sexual things get, but I’m open to pretty much anything, including a threesome (or moresome) involving twincest.
My thoughts: Um… *squirms*… so apparently I enjoy twincest. Or perhaps it was the bloodplay and the treatment of vampires like they’re actually vampires and enjoy the taste of blood. Whatever it was, this whole story really worked for me. Though I admit a moment of heartclench when beckybrit revealed Alec and Jane’s plaything. Still, it really worked.

Pack Bonding by Fr333bird
Pairing: Seth/Sam
Word Count: 4,285
Summary: Seth is new to the pack and has to take part in a rite of passage. Contains explicit sex acts with more than one partner, a little dub-con at first. Unashamedly kinky but also kind of sweet. Seth/wolfpack. [Warnings: dub-con at first. Voyeur Leah only – no incest.]
Prompt: Wolfpack gang bang with Seth on the receiving ed. Bonus points if it’s part of a rite of passage within the pack. Prefer human form and slash only, but it’s okay if Leah gets in on the action, too. Dub-con okay if author feels it necessary to get things started, but no non-con, please.
My thoughts: This could totally be canon. A wonderfully twisted canon that would never have crossed Stephenie Meyer’s mind, but canon nonetheless. Seth was totally in character – trusting, open, caring – and I absolutely buy this as a pack initiation.

**Passion Flower by SqueakyZorro
Pairing: Carlisle/Aro
Word Count: 3,544
Summary: [see prompt]
Prompt: Aro has been trying to seduce Carlisle since he arrived in Volterra. He’s even had Chelsea reinforce Carlisle’s bond with Aro. Yet Carlisle continues to resist, as Aro is mated. Aro eventually resorts to placing a plant in C’s room, its pollen rumored to incite uncontrollable lust when in bloom. sex!pollen
My thoughts: I think the verbal ‘foreplay’ that Carlisle and Aro inevitably engage in whenever they’re together, sexually or not, is my favorite part, and this doesn’t disappoint. Oh, the sex is pretty hot, too. 😉

Prey by kgq
Pairing: Edward/James
Word Count: 3,836
Summary: [see prompt]
Prompt: I’d like to read some bloodlapping in vampslash preferably but het would do too. During sex or in a non-sexual situation, but with hidden or clear sexual context. Please.
My thoughts: This was a little hard for me to follow at times, but I absolutely love the premise. And as much as James is a sadistic dick in the original, I kind of love the Edward/James pairing. And (final “and”, I promise) the bloodlapping in this? Jesus. Dead.

Red Strawberries by Miss Dare
Pairing: Edward/Jasper
Word Count: 4,677
Summary: Edward loves how pretty Jasper looks wearing mascara. But that’s only the start of it.
Prompt: Ooh, some forced feminization with Jasper/Edward pairing please. There’s so little of this out there but what there is I’ve loved.
My thoughts: Forced fem really isn’t my thing, but this was very well done. I love the established, loving relationship, and the rimming – UNF – the rimming was top notch.

Pairing: Edward/Jasper
Word Count: 3,846
Summary: [see prompt]
Prompt: Edward and Jasper want to help Carlisle overcome his shame for homosexual urges which he can barely admit to himself. They fuck in increasingly filthy ways when they know he’s near, until Carlisle can’t help hiimself and jacks off while watching. Vamp preferred.
My thoughts: If the prompt doesn’t entice you to read this, I don’t know what will. Quasi-accidental voyeur!Carlisle, and kinda exhibitionist Ed/Jas. Delicious.

**The Man You Make of Me by theladyingrey42
Pairing: Carlisle/Edward
Word Count: 4,391
Summary: “He was all long limbs and soft lips, hair the color of walnut set to flame. Even polluted with disease, his blood smelled sweet. Like he was meant for me. Made for me. And so I took him.” ExC, vampslash. For the TwiKinkFest.
Prompt: Carlisle/Edward. I want a possessive Carlisle. In character, he’s the voice of reason all the time, but when it comes to Edward, don’t cross him. Claiming Edward of some sort. I’d prefer Vamp/Vamp, but any works. Marks from the “claiming”. Bareback. Maybe Edward has been flirting, trying to push Carlisle. Please!
My thoughts: This is exactly everything that vampslash Carlward should be. It’s possessive and needy and vampy and violent and perfectly lovely. Seriously. Stop reading this right here and go read the story. Now. I’ll even give you an extra link to it. Go.

The Thought That Counts by RaindropSoup
Pairing: Edward/Alec/Caius
Word Count: 5,647
Summary: Mindreading is not only an overwhelming ability but also a sixth sense, and the gift of sensory deprivation might just be a condemning Godsend. Post-BD.
Prompt: Edward/Alec vampy-bondagey thing… Alec uses his gift to cut off Edward’s senses, plunging (heh!) him into a stage of sensory deprivation – except for the pleasure Alec wants to give him, of course. Maybe he invites others to participate as well – and it’s the writer’s choice as to whether Edward can still red the minds of whoever is involved.
My thoughts: Edward + Alec + Caius + Demetri. Seriously? Volturi vampfic always gets me going, and the author does a great job with her first slash fic. I do wonder what got Edward to this point after the events in BD…

The Whipping Boy by Fr333bird and beckybrit
Word Count: 10,949
Summary:  Edward and Seth are captured by the Volturi, but the experience brings them together in a way E never expected. This is ultimately a love story, albeit a dark one. WARNINGS: contains graphic torture and some elements of sexual abuse.
Prompt: The Whipping Boy. AU, Wolf/Vamp Slash. Ed and Seth are captured by the Volturi. Seth is tortured whenever Edward refuses to obey an order. Graphic torture (remember shifter’s rapid healing) and hurt/comfort sex between Ed/Seth. Feel free to include sexy Dom/sub action with a male Volturi (Marcus please), but Ed and Seth should be the focus of the fic. HEA not required, but love would be appreciated.
My Thoughts: This one really took me by surprise. Whipping is not a kink of mine, but this doesn’t really treat whipping as a kink. The authors handle the subject matter beautifully, and the relationship between Seth and Edward is real and believable. Takes place in a BD AU where Bella was killed in the non-battle at the end of the book.

The White Dress by avioleta
Pairing: Carlisle/Edward
Word Count: 5,599
Summary: “When he wears the white dress, Carlisle knows he will have to touch him.”
Prompt: Cross-dressing, slash, vamp E/C. It starts off with Carlisle and Edward trying to hide their relationship from an unforgiving society, but it turns out to be so much more. Edward grows to love wearing the pretty dresses and silky lingerie. He loves getting dressed up for Carlisle, and being ‘Esme, the perfect wife’. He loves getting bent over the table with his skirt pushed up, and Carlisle’s cock in his ass.”
My thoughts: Cross-dressing is not really my kink (though it’s growing on me), but fuck if this didn’t kill me. avioleta writes E/C absolutely perfectly, and she does a brilliant job of putting Edward comfortably in a dress. (For other reference, please read A Cinderella Story, not vampslash but one of my all-time favorites. And I will get everyone to read it if it’s the last thing I do!)

**Timeless by shoefreak37
Pairing: Demetri/Felix
Word Count: 4,013
Summary: While monitoring the newborn army in Seattle, Demetri and Felix find ways to indulge while also getting themselves fed. Entry for the Twilight Kink Fest. Takes place during Eclipse.
Prompt: Dubcon + possible bloodplay. Demitri/Felix + human(s). I’d like to see these vamps indulge in a bit of carnal delight before draining their next meal. Bloodplay a plus. Obviously dub-con, with the human(s) being so overwhelmed by their attraction to the vamps, they think they want it and are grateful to get it… Slash preferred, but a combination of slash/het okay too.
My thoughts: All I have to say about this is that it’s exactly – exactly – what I imagine Demetri and Felix are really like. It’s exactly how their relationship would work and exactly how two, centuries-old vampires would behave. And it is brilliant.

**To the Victor Go the Spoils by MarchHare5
Pairing: Carlisle/Jasper
Word Count: 9,731
Summary: When Carlisle’s coven of females is threatened by an interloper, Carlisle’s instincts run away with him as he teaches his rival a lesson he’ll never forget. Very OOC. Graphic. Heed warnings inside. For the TwiKinkFest.
Prompt: Vamp Carlisle is the leader of his coven (females only) New male rival, Jasper, threatens the balance and gets dominated and fucked into submission as he stumbles upon a hunting trip. Dirty bareback feral forced anal. The more feral the better!
My thoughts: Well, dirty bareback feral forced anal was the prompt, and this absolutely delivered. This is Carlisle as you’ve never seen him, and a sad, ruined Jasper. It displays a very different coven hierarchy and dynamic than we’re familiar with in the Twilight universe, but it works for this fic. Do be warned that there’s quite a bit of het in this, but since Carlisle and Jasper do have sex, it still counts as vampslash.

If you see any others that I’ve missed, or yours has been written and isn’t featured above, give me a holler!
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Halloween Fest: And I Am Re-begot Of Absence, Darkness, Death

Author: RhythmJunkie
Genre(s): AU, horror, vamp, slash,
Wordcount: 1851
Prompt/recipient: Mauralee’s ‘Think Agatha Christie/Stephen King’ prompt, if you squint.
Rating: M
Warnings: Violence, non-con, general gore
Summary: A Hallowe’en camp-out in the woods is all in good fun. Isn’t it?
It’s not mine. None of it.

And I Am Re-begot Of Absence, Darkness, Death

Eric woke with his face pressed into soft dirt, cold and disorientated. It took him a few moments to pull himself from his stupor, and get himself upright again. The clearing was dark, and eerily silent. His heart began pounding heavily when he realised he was alone, and what his apparent isolation indicated. Slowly, he rose to his feet, allowing his eyes to adjust to the darkness. As soon as they had, he wished they hadn’t.

Ragged lumps of wet meat surrounded his resting place, torn and bloody. Eric clenched his fists tight, trying to battle down the images of Jessica, splayed and open in the trees, dripping soggy globs of her insides onto the back of Mike’s jacket. The world spun crazily, and Eric forced his body still, sucking in air. Angela, sweet, lovely Angela, bent and twisted unnaturally, her brown eyes gone, leaving only gaping dark sockets behind. Mike, fuck, he’d hated Mike, lying in the leaves, eyes wide with shock and pain, bleeding out from where his arms should have been, where his tongue should have been…

Eric forced the darkness threatening the edge of his vision back, shaking his head clear of the horror he’d witnessed, and tried to ignore Ben’s head, resting almost delicately, on the tree stump to his far left. He carefully ignored the knowledge that the meat he was studiously avoiding used to be attached to that head.

“Edward?” he whispered in the darkness, “Edward?”

Eric ignored the part of his brain trying to indicate that, since he hadn’t murdered his friends and he had woken up alone when he had gone to sleep with his head on Edward’s shoulder, it was most likely Edward was the mystery assailant, and called out again. He strained his ears, and turned sharply at the soft noise breaking the silence.

A flicker of light through the trees had Eric moving instantly, hoping Edward was trying to signal for help, trying to forget the frustration on Edward’s face when Ben had insisted they hunker down until light, instead of trying to get out of the forest immediately. He had been so calm, but Ben had been hysterical, hands still streaked with Angela’s blood, refusing to enter the tree line with “possible fucking murderers!”.

The soft noise was growing louder with each step Eric took, the light brighter. He tried to shake off the memory of Edward’s delighted smile when Eric had finally agreed to join them on their Hallowe’en camp-out. He tried harder to shake off the memory of Edward’s betrayed glance when he had sided with Ben on staying put until first light, the whispered “I promised I’d protect you, Eric.”

The soft noise had turned into a dull roar now, and Eric could see the bonfire quite clearly through the trees, towering into the sky, belching out thick, pungent fumes that curled around the canopy above.

Eric moved closer to the fire, fear making his feet ache. The blaze was vicious, crackling so deafeningly that it was all Eric could focus on. Absently, he wondered if that was the killer’s plan all along, distract him with fire and noise whilst sneaking up behind him. Eric refused to turn around, and kept creeping forward. He stopped a few feet from the raging bonfire, trying to peer through the thick purple smoke into the heart of the flames.

His eyes protested the vicious heat, and the overpowering smog, but he forced himself to search. When his eyes stopped streaming, he spotted it. A hand, palm up, the skin looking like cracked tile as the flames licked around its edges. As he watched, stomach roiling painfully, the fingers twitched.

Eric leapt back, shaking his head viciously from side to side, mouth overflowing with warning saliva as his insides heaved. His head connected the sweet smell permeating the air with what was burning, and he lost the frail grip on his gag reflex, falling to his knees and vomiting violently.

Once he was sure his stomach was as empty as it could be, Eric scrambled to his feet, wiping his eyes on a dirty sleeve, and turned to run. The sight of Jasper watching him from ten feet away, head tilted, looking terrifying, stopped him dead.

“J…Jasper?” Eric’s voice was rough with question, and the force of his sickness. His heart pounded heavily, making his head hurt and his limbs ache brutally. Jasper’s head snapped to the opposite side, and the sight of it ratcheted Eric’s panic higher.

Jasper stepped forward carefully, his eyes tight on Eric, and Eric felt his breath labour at the oddness in Jasper’s movements, the frightening way he seemed to angle toward Eric, chin tilted down, nostrils flaring.

“Jasper?” Eric asked again, voice tearful, ready to beg for some show of normalcy that he knew, deep down, he wasn’t going to get.

“Eric,” Jasper crooned, the tone heavy and unfamiliar, and Eric sobbed harshly before he could force himself under control. He took a shaky step back, and Jasper frowned, his face sliding feral with displeasure, freezing Eric where he stood.

“Eric,” Jasper murmured, yet his voice cut through the roaring of the fire like wire through ice, and he offered his hand. Eric couldn’t focus over the screaming in his head, but he knew that refusal was not an option. He could feel his lungs expanding heavily against his ribs, could feel himself panting like a cornered animal.

A sudden infusion of lethargy trickling down his spine forced the screaming part of Eric’s brain straight-stiff and trembling with wrongness, like a rodent scenting danger. The larger part of his mind welcomed the feeling, desperate to escape the muscle-tearing fear that it had been soaked in most of the night.

“Come here,” Jasper lulled in a tone that promised dark repose, and Eric found himself jerkily, unwillingly, stepping closer. Jasper bared his teeth in a grotesque parody of a smile, and Eric lost another harsh sob to the uncertain darkness.

“Why?” he whispered, eyes on the inhuman man reaching for him, “I don’t understand.”

The urge to walk fell away, and Eric juddered to a halt, watching with dread as vicious emotions twisted Jasper’s features.

“Why?” Jasper repeated, his body shivering toward Eric in tiny, incremental shifts that made Eric’s skin sweat coldly.

“Why did you…” Eric stopped abruptly, the vision of ruined bodies leaving him voiceless.

“To get you alone,” Jasper grinned, teeth flashing in the firelight.

“You killed them,” Eric stuttered over the word, images trailing across the back of his eyes, “to get me…alone?” Eric could hear his own voice rising with hysteria, then another trickle down his spine, stillness this time.

“Shhh,” Jasper whispered over the onslaught of relaxation forcing its way through Eric’s bones, shifting closer still.

“Edward,” Eric forced out over his slackening muscles, “he was your family.”

Jasper snarled, and Eric stumbled sideways, a small part of his brain forcing his limbs into flight before he collapsed, all the adrenalin whisked out from under his skin, replaced with lethargy, bone-deep.

A hand grasped his shoulder, flipping him onto his back gently, and Jasper looked down on him, expression horrifyingly tender. He pulled a lump of cloth from his shoulder and shook it out, laying it carefully on the ground next to Eric’s prone body.

“Edward should never have touched you.”

The voice was a low growl in the air, sending goose bumps racing over Eric’s skin, making his breath hitch. Jasper knelt by his head, and Eric felt fingertips scratch his scalp gently. Jasper’s eyes closed, and his expression shifted into something sweetly content, a burble-purr thrumming in his chest.

“There’s something so resistant about you, Eric,” Jasper’s voice slid through the continuing rumble, giving his words an odd, double layered texture that made Eric cringe internally at the unpleasant strangeness of it to his ear, “and it’s sotempting…”

He trailed his hand down the side of Eric’s face until his fingers slipped beneath the collar of Eric’s sweatshirt, stroking the skin he found there. He shifted closer, until his knees pressed against Eric’s arm, then leaned down and ran his nose across Eric’s temple. Eric found himself whimpering.

“Yes,” Jasper sighed, “just like that,” and pressed his mouth to Eric’s hair. “I’ve been waiting for you, waiting for a long time. Edward shouldn’t have interfered.” Hands slid beneath Eric’s pliant body, and turned him onto his stomach, arranging him with careful touches. “It’s unimportant now. Soon, all you’ll remember is me.”

Eric recognised the blanket beneath him immediately, he’d been seeing it since he was a child; Jessica’s comforter. Jasper guided Eric onto his knees, a firm hand on the back of his neck bearing his head down until his cheek was pressed against the soft wool. The material was slick against his skin.

As if reading his mind, Jasper draped himself across Eric’s back, cold mouth against his skin, and murmured, “I’d forgotten how much human’s bleed…especially when they struggle.” Hard fingertips skated through Eric’s eye-line, then dragged wetly across his cheek.

“You’ll look so very perfect painted in blood,” he panted, before the weight of his body disappeared from Eric’s back.

The small part of Eric’s brain that was still Eric was screaming so hard that he shivered beneath the fog of stillness that lay heavily upon him. He registered the ripping, and the coolness on his now-exposed thighs. He registered Jasper’s body against him, like pressing warm skin against glass. He registered Jasper’s terrifyingly strong fingers, parting his flesh with arctic insistence.

There was a moment of bright-cold pain, so sharp it cut through the calm in his brain, allowing his tamped-down panic to surge until…it was gone, like a breath on the wind, leaving no trace. Eric knew little about anal sex, but what little he did know assured him he should be wailing in agony right now. When he forced himself to focus, he knew he had to be bleeding, that Jasper’s harsh thrusting hadto be doing irrevocable internal damage. He knew his body hadn’t been ready for such an invasion, that he should have passed out from the assault.

Then the lust hit.

Oh god, the lust. It made Eric moan, trying to press up into Jasper’s push, trying to force him deeper, trying to get more. Eric could feel his body buckling under the force of the man on top of him, yet he couldn’t stop himself from scrabbling for more, more, anything. The screaming part of his brain was trying to make him aware of how the lust felt, the one wrong note in twenty correct, colouring everything slightly off. Eric tried, tried so hard, but the larger part of his brain was addledwith desire, and he could do nothing but whimper and silently beg Jasper for everything he could give.

Jasper growled into Eric’s shoulder, dropping heavily onto him, teeth pressing into his skin exactly where his jugular throbbed, and Eric’s entire focus sank to only the bone-melting pain ravaging his body, and the soothing voice that crooned love and devotion against his ear.


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Halloween Fest: The Best Halloween Ever

Author: mugglemom08
Pairing/MC: Edward/Jasper
Genre(s): AU, slash, romance
Wordcount: 1837
Prompt/recipient: #7
Rating: M
Warnings: Don’t like boys with boys? Don’t read.
Summary: Edward always does something special for Jasper for Halloween; what’s he up to this year?
This hasn’t been beta’d or pre-read. Also, I don’t own Twilight.

The Best Halloween Ever

Edward was up to something. He was throwing off vibes of nervousness and excitement that even a non-empath could’ve picked up on. Alice, of course, knew what was going on, but she wasn’t talking. She almost cracked when I offered to replace her Porsche with the latest model, but she saw something that changed her mind and started yelling at me for “almost ruining everything”. Whatever was going on, this was shaping up to be the best Halloween in all my 168 years.


I was never much interested in the supernatural as a human, but that all changed after my change. Once I became a mythological creature myself, I found my curiosity piqued by all things weird and creepy. Alice and Rosalie love Christmas, Esme gets giddy over Valentine’s Day, Emmett lives for the 4th of July, and Easter holds a special place in Carlisle’s heart. But me? My favorite holiday is Halloween. Edward has no preference–he loves them all equally–but knowing how much I love All Hallow’s Eve, he does something special for me every year. One year, it was a haunted house with each room dedicated to a different historical murderer (the murderers being portrayed, of course, by the rest of the family). Another year, the theme was “childhood Halloween”. We took our friend Bella’s twins trick-or-treating, then went on a haunted hayride (that Emmett almost got us kicked off of), and finally back home to watch scary movies. I think my favorite so far was the year he went with a traditional vampire theme. Our house was tricked out like Dracula’s castle, and we all had to wear capes and fangs. The icing on the cake was the collection of truly horrible vampire movies Edward put together (with Emmett’s help). A roomful of vampires laughing themselves silly isn’t something you see every day.


While the fourth floor was being transformed, I was banished to the living room. I tried playing video games with Emmett, watching TV, and reading; anything to shut everyone out. Finally, the swirl of emotions–the aforementioned excitement and nervousness, plus love, lust (lust? WHAT was he up to?), embarrassment, amusement–were too much, and I headed for the woods behind the house. I didn’t really need to hunt, but it would give me something to do. I couldn’t drive myself crazy trying to figure out what Edward and his sidekick were up to if I was in predator mode.


I was just disposing of my second deer when my phone vibrated with the all-clear from Alice. I double-timed it back home, and was surprised to find everyone gone. That was…odd. They were usually gathered around, waiting to see my reaction–when they weren’t actively involved, that is. I didn’t see Edward, either, so I called out his name as I walked through the kitchen to the living room. At this point I didn’t really expect a response, and I didn’t get one. I rounded the last corner and the main staircase came into sight. Lining both sides of the stairs were mini-pumpkins, hollowed out to hold white tea lights. Every flight of stairs and hallway between the living room and the fourth floor were illuminated by the pumpkins. When I reached our door, I pushed it open–and my jaw dropped.

Edward and Alice must’ve bought out every candle shop in the Pacific Northwest, because every flat surface in our room was covered with them. And sprinkled among the black, purple, and silver candles were more mini-pumpkins, these carved into jack o’ lanterns. Some simple, some elaborate, but no two alike. Hundreds of tiny flames flickered and danced, bathing everything in a warm, buttery light.

Mesmerized as I was by my surroundings, it took me a moment to notice Edward. When I did, my breath caught and venom pooled in my mouth. Leaning against our four-poster bed wearing nothing but black silk lounge pants, he looked like temptation personified. The desire was rolling off him in waves, and was potent enough to nearly bring me to my knees.

“I’m really glad I can feel how much you love me, otherwise all this fire would have me real nervous,” I cracked.

He grinned back at me. “No, my love, you have nothing to worry about. I have no intention of turning you into a pile of ashes. Most of them are LED, anyway.”

His face grew serious and he asked, “What do you think?”

Obviously he already knew what I thought about it, but I appreciated that he made the effort to ask me anyway.

“It’s beautiful, darlin’,” I told him. “I can’t imagine how long this must’ve taken, even with Alice’s help.” Edward had told me long ago that unless he absolutely had to, he didn’t use vamp-speed when setting up my surprises. “Getting it done as quickly as possible makes it seem like I want to be done with it–like it’s a chore. Nothing could be farther from the truth, Jazz. I love doing this for you.”

His mouth quirked up on one side. “Probably not as long as you’re thinking–thanks to Alice. She saw right away that we needed to divide and conquer; she drew and I carved.”

“I’ll have to thank her later–this is amazing.”

“I wanted to do something completely different this year. Halloween and romance don’t usually go together, but I wanted to try.” His eyes, black with want, flashed to mine as he read my thoughts. “And you’re just as turned on as I am, aren’t you?”

Before he could say anything else, I was across the room and had him pinned against the bedpost. “You have no idea. I’ve been feeling your lust since this morning, and coupled with my own? Darlin’ it’s driving me mad.”

I cupped his face in my hands and kissed him with abandon. He opened his mouth for me as I slid my hands into his hair and tugged gently. He moaned and brought his hands to my hips, pulling me closer. I felt his erection press against mine, and it was my turn to groan. Desperate for friction, I ground my pelvis into his, thankful once more that we were the same height.

Edward’s hands moved from my hips to my ass to the waistband of my pants. Before I had time to realize what he was doing, he’d ripped my jeans and boxer briefs from my body, and flung them across the room.

With one more hard, searing kiss he dropped to his knees and took me in his mouth.

“Fuck!” I cried out as I hit the back of his throat. Apparently we weren’t going for a slow burn tonight. I moved so I could grasp the posts at the foot of the bed just in time to stop myself from falling to the floor when he tongued my slit.

Teeth, tongue, lips, and long, elegant fingers came into play, bringing me to the edge of orgasm, again and again. Just as I thought I’d lose my mind if I didn’t get some relief, Edward bit down gently on the tip of my cock and pushed one venom-coated finger into my entrance.

I barely had time to call out his name before I came down his throat.

He licked me clean before standing up, eyes blacker than ever.

“On the bed. NOW!” he growled at me.

I climbed on backwards, never taking my eyes off him. His pants went the way of mine, and he followed after me on all fours. I’ve always thought Edward was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen, but Edward prowling after me like a mountain lion stalking its prey? Hottest. Thing. Ever.

When my back hit the headboard, Edward grabbed my legs and pulled me flat. He planted his hands on either side of my shoulders, lowered himself onto me, and snarled in my ear, “And just where do you think you’re going?”

“Nowhere,” I spluttered, loving the feeling of his hard, heavy cock rubbing against me.

“Damn straight you’re not,” he told me, right before he nipped at my earlobe.

He continued biting me; my neck, my jaw, my collarbone. Softly at first, then harder when my growls and moans told him I needed more. The sting of his venom only enhanced my ecstasy. His hands on my ass held me in place as he rocked his hips against me, bringing my cock back to life.

Rolling away from me for a moment, he grabbed a bottle of lube from his nightstand drawer. His tongue traced circles around my nipples as he quickly prepared me.

He ordered me onto my hands and knees, and I didn’t hesitate to comply. He rubbed the swollen head of his cock against my entrance before easing his way inside. Once his pelvis was flush against my backside, he leaned over my back to whisper, “I’m gonna fuck you so hard.” That was all the warning I got before he pulled almost all the way out and then slammed back into me.



Edward drove into me again and again, harder and faster than would’ve been possible for a human. He was done teasing.

A hand in my hair brought me out of my pleasure-induced fog. One tug had me up on my knees, pressed against the front of Edward’s body. His other hand snaked around me and took hold of my length.

“I want you to come with me,” he said, the gentleness of his voice in complete contrast to the actions of his body.

He stroked me in time with his thrusts, and I soon felt my balls tightening. No sooner had I realized I was going to come than Edward was releasing into me. His orgasm triggered my own, and I came, painting the comforter and his hand with my venom.


Many hours and much broken furniture later, we lay on what was left of our bed, my head on Edward’s chest as he gently stroked my hair. There wasn’t an inch of me that he hadn’t worshipped, and I don’t think I’d ever felt happier or more loved.

“That was indescribable, babe. I just…thank you again for such a wonderful Halloween.”

“You’re welcome, my love,” he replied, kissing the top of my head. “Anything for you.”

“There’s just one problem,” I said, trying to bite back my smile.

“Oh, yeah? And what might that be?” he asked, my favorite cocky grin firmly in place.

“How will you ever manage to top this?”

“Don’t you worry your pretty little head about that, darlin’,” he said in a perfect Southern drawl. “I’ll come up with something.”


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Halloween Fest: If You Go Down to the Woods Today

Author: missrebecca
Pairing/MC: Bella/Rose/Alice
Genre(s): femmeslash, horror,
Wordcount: 6200
Prompt/recipient: N/A
Rating: M
Warnings: Says horror guys, I mean it.
Summary: A weekend away with the boys, what could possibly go wrong? A beautiful woman will always be a man’s undoing, but for Edward, Jasper and Emmett the consequences of their lust are deadly.
Disclaimer: All recognisable characters are the property of their creator, Stephanie Meyer, who is in no way affiliated with this piece of literary fan fiction. No copyright infringement is intended.

If You Go Down to the Woods Today

There were demons chasing him. Crashing and cackling in the bushes behind him, as he stumbled in the dark. His shoes had fallen somewhere in the blackness, and to where he was running he didn’t know. The only sounds were his harsh breaths and the blood thrumming so strongly in his ears. His heart raced so fast now that it’s beats were numbered.

The ground was uneven and he stumbled, tumbling endlessly head over feet until he crashed into something hard beneath him. Tarmac. The road. Could this be it? His freedom. He wiped quickly at the blood, sweat and tears that stained his face. He wasted no time taking back off into the night, and for the first time since the moon had risen he felt hope. Maybe he could finally out run the banshees at his back.

Of course he should have known better. He had seen his comrades cut down by those beautiful sirens, had watched them consume one another. And as the darkness had settled he had watched them change, becoming things unnatural; of nightmares.

He should have known he could not out run them. Yet he went down with a blood curdling scream in his throat as the first latched its claws into his neck. The second tangled herself within his legs, stopping him dead, and the third, that nymph that had called to him cradled his face so gently in her talons. She smiled wickedly, her once brown eyes so red now in the moons glow, before opening her mouth wide, exposing rows of pointed fangs and sinking them quick into his neck.

Darkness followed soon after.


The sun shone bright upon them, it was a beautiful day so late in the year. October in the north east of England wasn’t known for its sunny days, but the three boys, squashed into the camper van were determined to make the most of it. They were travelling to the coast, crossing over the moors heading towards Saltburn, for a weekend of surfing and drinking.

“Do you think there’ll be girls there?” One of them asked, a blond haired boy, called Jasper, sat in the back, elbows where the headrests should be.

“There are always girls there,” the second replied. A big lad he was, all broad shoulders and strong muscles. He’d spent his life on his father’s farm, hauling hay bails and herding cattle. But his face was sweet, with his tight dark curls, deep blue eyes, and dimples in his cheeks. His name was Emmet.

“Let’s just hope the sun keeps up,” the third added. He was the driver, it was his van. He was tall, but slim compared to his companions. His bright red hair was windswept from the open window, his cheeks slightly pink from the slight chill of the rushing air. He was the heartbreaker back in their hometown, called Edward; he could make girls swoon just by looking at them.

The moors were desolate as ever, only the occasional car passing them by. The heather had all been burnt off, the lambs of spring and summer were gone to the chopping block, and the wind was billowing around them. Music was belting out of the cassette player in the camper van, and Jasper was singing along, but aside from that, there was no other noise about them.

As they came to a junction, the way forward, the way they wished to go, was blocked. A sign proclaimed that the road had subsidence and was unfit to be driven on. The path to their left was practically a dirt road; the tarmac was so broken up, and it was an incredibly steep decline. But it was the only way to go.

“This road isn’t on the map,” Emmet said, frowning down into the valley below.

“I’m sure it’ll be fine,” Edward replied, ignoring the frown from his dark haired friend, as he spun the wheel to head down into the dip.

For three miles they drove, passing no other vehicles or walkers on their way. There were no sheep, or birds in this valley, and they wondered how they’d never been there before.

“I don’t think this was the right way,” Jasper mumbled, frowning as they began driving on a flat expanse of road. The trees lined the road so close, as though it was only the inhospitable tarmac keeping them back, their branches reached like arms in the air above, trying to bridge the gap between them.

“Stop acting like girls,” Edward scoffed. “I’m sure there’ll be a house around here somewhere, and if not there’s got to be a sign.”

But for another thirty minutes they drove, and still there was no sign of anyone about them. It looked like no one had been down there for many years. The trees were so dense around them now, the side of this little valley so steep that the sun was nearly completely cut off from view. They rolled their windows up, to keep out the chill that had suddenly descended upon them.

Edward’s confidence was beginning to wane, and he knew his companions were seriously questioning his judgement. But what was the worst that could happen to them here? They got lost, so what. They could always turn around and go back the way they came, there were no branching roads to become lost upon.

Just as all their hearts were resigned to the fact that they were terribly lost, they saw a glimpse of something up a head, and turning the bend they saw another car, parked at the side of the road. It was a bright blue mini, and it had a flat tire. But it was not the sight of the car that had their interest peaked. It was the girl who stood beside it. Edward was sure he’d never seen someone so beautiful in all his life. Her hair was thick, and tumbled in soft brown waves to the middle of her back. She wore shorts and a halter neck top, exposing delicious inches of her creamy white skin. Of course he gave no thought to how odd it was for a girl to wear so little when it was so cold outside.

Edward pulled the van to a stop behind her car, watching as she jumped slightly and just barely hiding his smile. He stepped out casually, as though they weren’t lost in some strange wood. He ran his eyes up and down her body, watching as she blushed slightly when he caught her doing the same to him.

“Hey, you need a hand?” He asked, smiling that crooked smile he knew made all the girls back home wet.

“It’s so far passed that, what I need is a ride. My friends’ll be wondering where I am,” she replied, her voice like the soft ringing of bells. He was entranced by her.

“Well we can give you a lift, where is it you’re going?”

When the girl smiled, Edward found himself smiling too. She had a glow about her, an aura of mystery. He found he simply couldn’t look away from her.

“My parent’s house just down the way,” she pointed further into the gloomy woods.

“They’re away so my friends and I are having a little bit of a party,” she continued as she slid into the front passenger seat, relegating Emmet to the back with Jasper, though he didn’t complain. “I went into town to get provisions, and came back with a flat.”

“Bad times,” Jasper said.

Edward’s eyes stayed focused on the road ahead, but his mind was on the girl sitting to his left. He could feel her watching him, those dark eyes so focused in on his face. He didn’t look, though his body wanted nothing more than to meet her stare. Instead he watched the dirt road before them, as it twisted and turned in the dappled sunlight. Everything was silent in the van, a faint air of tension settling over those who rode in it; it seemed only the girl who was content.

“So what’s your name?” Emmett finally asked.

“Oh, Isabella,” she replied, “though you can call me Bella.” Her voice dropped, becoming a sultry whisper, and Edward felt himself respond to her heat as she leaned closer to him.

“What might I call you?” She asked.

“E-Edward,” he stammered, kicking himself inside for allowing this girl to get to him.

The rest of the road was driven in silence, there was a thick tension in the car and Edward couldn’t wait to get outside, to breathe some fresh air and regroup. This wasn’t his style. He was aloof, hard to get. He didn’t get all…odd, over a girl. Eventually he pulled up to a log cabin, the end of the road. It was surrounded on all sides by trees that towered above them. There were no birds; no rustle of the wind, nothing; all was silent about them.

“Come on in,” Bella called, her smile wicked before she bounced her way through the front door.

The boys shared a glance; they all wanted to follow her, to meet these friends she spoke of; but what of their plans for the weekend? It was meant to be a lad’s holiday, a break before they had to return to school.

“Couple of hours couldn’t hurt, right?” Edward finally said, smiling as Emmett and Jasper shrugged. Had they known what was awaiting them, they would have thought twice about walking with such nonchalance into the cabin.

The interior was huge, all dark wood and cosy furnishings, yet it did not feel lived in. There was an unwelcome air to the place, and so much of the room was covered in dust. The boys did not notice that however, as standing before them were three of the most beautiful women they had ever seen in their short lives.

All looked different; Bella with her deep brown eyes and hair was completely different to her almost white-blonde friend who stood almost as tall as Edward, who was also completely different to the miniscule creature beside her, the top of her black spiked hair hitting just to the blondes shoulder. Yet they had an air of familiar about them. They were all pale, incredibly so, and their eyes seemed to hold such a hunger to them, even through the dull colours of them.

“Hey,” the blonde stepped forward, zeroing in on Emmett and not removing her eyes from him. “I’m Rosalie.”

“Emmett,” he replied, transfixed in her stare.

“Help me put the drinks in the kitchen,” she said, holding his gaze. Emmett followed behind, a bag in each hand, without a word.

Edward smirked; his boy was gone over that girl, though that was no surprise. Emmett had a habit of falling fast and hard over any beautiful girl he set his eyes on. Turning his head to his right he saw Jasper following the tiny girl across the large living room to the leather sofa, where she sat before tugging gently on his hand until he lay with his head in her lap. She then proceeded to run her fingers through his hair. Now that was a shock. Jasper didn’t get stupid over girls; he rarely showed much of an interest in them at all.

“Don’t worry.” Edward jumped slightly, he hadn’t realised Bella had moved so close. “Alice will take care of him, now, why don’t we go join them?”

It was spoken as a question, but Edward found himself unable to deny her, though why would he want to? A beautiful girl wanting to spend time with him, what could be better? And so, as his comrades had, he followed behind her like the lost sheep he didn’t know he was.


Hours passed in the living room, hours the boys had little to no recollection of as they were being led to the room they were to share for the night.

“Seriously,” Jasper slurred, “we have a hotel booked for the night.”

“Oh but look at the state of you,” Alice purred as she led him by the hand to the end of the dark corridor. “We should have kept an eye on how much you were drinking.”

Rosalie giggled as Emmett attempted to speak. “I don’t-did we? How much?”

“Yeah,” Edward agreed to Emmett’s unspoken thoughts, “I don’t think we drank that much, did we?”

Bella spun to walk backwards, facing Edward. There was a look, something fleeting that passed across her features, but as Edward blinked it was gone. “You silly things, you drained us dry.”

Emmett once again tried to formulate his thoughts, frowning and opening and closing his mouth. On his third attempt Rosalie placed three fingers across his mouth, staring him deep in the eyes before speaking. Edward watched fascinated.

“You drank an awful lot, now you should sleep. Poor baby.”

Emmett nodded, silent. Something was pulling at the back of Edward’s mind, but for the life of him he couldn’t catch it, and before he even knew, it was gone into the ether.

“Come on boys,” Bella said, sending sharp looks to her friends, “let’s get you in to bed.”

The corridor was dark and silent as the group of six continued to make their way to the door at the end. Bella pushed through the heavy oak, smiling as she led Edward inside. None of the men remembered getting in to each of the three beds spread about the large room; neither did they see the girls share hungry smiles over their prostrate forms.

Edward fell into sleep quicker than ever before in his life. The room smelled of cinnamon, and he curled deeper into his pillow to breathe it in. His dreams were of Bella, or her almond eyes and deep brown hair; it had felt so soft when he’d managed to touch it. Her skin was so pale, and he knew it would feel smooth under his hands. He couldn’t wait to feel her under him, submitting and begging for his cock.

He could almost feel her writhing under him, whimpering and moaning as he delighted her in ways she’d never known. Her lips would be soft; he was sure; so moist and delicious. God, he could imagine kissing her all day. The next day he needed to be on form, he needed to be in the zone. Surfing was out, but that didn’t mean that he wasn’t getting laid this weekend. Bella would be his.

Edward’s thoughts dissolved into pictures, images of Bella and he intertwined. Lips touched while arms and legs entangled; hearts racing and breaths gasping. In his sleep his heart raced in tandem, he twitched and writhed in the foreign bed, wishing to be ever closer to the object of his desires.

On a gasp he awoke, sudden in the dark. His head was a mess of white noise, and even if it were light in the room he wasn’t sure he’d be able to see. All he wanted to do was sleep. But his throat hurt, he was so thirsty. So, standing he looked to the left, to his companions who still slept like the dead.

Blindly Edward headed out into the corridor, he had no idea where the kitchen was, and he didn’t remember seeing one when he was downstairs. But there was a slit of light at the end of the hallway, so he stumbled slowly, passing the stairs, and heading toward that strip of light.

He could hear noise through the door, a shuffling of fabric and the creak of bed springs. His heart picked up. Could this be Bella’s bedroom? How wrong was it of him to peak through that crack in the door? But he did not allow himself time to answer that before he was on his knees, eye pressed to the key hole like the vicarious voyeur he was. He watched with a racing heart and sore knees as the scene before him unfolded.

All in chiffon and seeming to float about the room were the girls. Alice lounged upon a chaise longue, Rosalie next to her, softly running a hand through her hair, all while Bella spun daintily in the middle of the room. The material slung about them was sheer, practically transparent revealing all their delicious dips and curves to Edward’s prying eyes. From the pink of their nipples to the smooth skin of their cunts, nothing was hidden to him. He delighted in their ignorance.

“I wish we could have them now,” Alice moaned, writhing sensually against her companion, delighting in the tightening of Rosalie’s grip.

“Patience now,” Bella cooed. She spun towards her friends, dropping to her knees before them, and taking one of their hands in each of her own. “Tomorrow is the full moon, tomorrow we can have them.”

“I hate that we must wait, I long for them so,” Rosalie groaned, sighing deep and long as she stared into Bella’s eyes.

“So do I, but the boys will still be here tomorrow night, when we may enjoy them to our hearts content.”

Edward’s heart picked up as his sleepy eyes blinked. He rejoiced to know that these girls hungered for them, though he didn’t know why they would want to wait for a full moon. He supposed they must belong to some form of pagan cult, but he didn’t mind them a little strange, so long as he got what he wanted.

“You know,” Alice said, running her free hand down Bella’s hair, stopping at her shoulder and stroking the exposed skin there, “I do enjoy you on your knees.”

Bella smirked, letting go of their hands and placing them upon Alice’s thighs. Her skin was so soft and Bella loved feeling them clench under her touch. She slowly began to move her hands upwards, pushing the light material from her way. Her eyes never left Alice’s, till Rosalie stopped stroking Alice’s head and began running her hands down from Alice’s shoulders, untying her robe and pushing it softly from her, exposing her breasts to the air about them.

Alice sighed and closed her eyes, revelling in the sensation of two sets of hands upon her.

Bella pushed aside the last of the thin shrug, exposing Alice’s delicious little cunt. She couldn’t resist running her fingers along smooth pale skin, barely grazing along Alice’s flushed, plump pink lips. She delighted in her companion’s shiver of pleasure.

“Hundred’s of years later and still you delight in teasing,” Rosalie playfully shook her head, while her own palm ran soft across Alice’s nipples.

“You’ll get your turn,” Bella promised.

Unable to hold back any longer, she gripped Alice’s thighs tight, before leaning forward and placing one soft, delicate kiss upon her lips, the last delicate act of the night, as seconds after she was fingers deep in Alice’s hot, wet cunt. Her tongue swirled and pulsed against Alice’s swollen nub, causing her to moan and writhe. Her skin was flushed with desire, her eyes rolling, delirious.
Rosalie relished in her paramour’s squirming frame, each arc of her spine gave such delicious friction, and Rosalie couldn’t wait for her own release. But watching Alice come apart under Bella’s skilled tongue and hands was immense pleasure in and of itself, patience would be her virtue.

Bella could never hold back. She could tease and tempt with the best of them, thousands of years practice had made her an excellent lover. However once she had started, after just one taste of her inamoratas’ cunt and such frenzy began in her. She would not pause nor rest till she brought Alice to completion. A peak which she knew was fast approaching, as Alice’s breaths became shorter and faster with every flick of Bella’s tongue and curl of her sinfully skilled fingers.

Finally it became too much. The gentle scrape of Rosalie’s nails along her décolletage, the rhythmic curl and twist of Bella’s fingers, buried so deep inside of her, and the steady drum of her tongue was Alice’s undoing, and she collapsed on an immense shiver, breathless and spent against Rosalie.

“To be so good should be a sin,” Alice laughed. Her legs were like jelly and her mind was limp, yet she was acutely aware of the sharp pricks of Rosalie’s erect nipples in her back and the gentle rub of Bella’s hands along her thighs. Patience was wearing thin. She smirked.

“But my poor darling’s, you have waited much too long to be sure.” Saying this she stood, dropping the thin shawl, allowing Edward a full view of her body. But it was not her he wished to sneak a glance of, and he prayed for Bella to stand with her.

As though hearing his plea, Bella gripped tight to Alice’s outstretched palm allowing her to be pulled to standing, and shrugging off the flimsy material that cloaked her from his voyeuristic eyes. She was perfect, all pale, smooth skin and sloping curves. He wanted nothing more than to run his tongue up the length of her. Seeing her feast so hungrily upon her friend only served to stir his desire, giving no thought to the idea that she did not hunger for him in the same way.

Together as three they walked to the bed, Rosalie and Bella led by Alice, before lying naked and languid upon the satin covering. Edward shuffled in his crouched position outside the door, cringing at the noise his jeans made upon the floorboards. But the noise went unheard, so engrossed in each other were the women, and he breathed a soft sigh of relief, before settling in to enjoy the rest of the show.

They did not speak as they moved, gentle touches and caresses passed between them. Such love between them, but such hunger too. Bella shifted until her back hit the heavy wooden bed frame, resting back and watching with a ravenous smirk upon her face as Rosalie positioned herself upon her hands and knees before her. She blew a stream of air upon Bella’s soft skin, revelling in the shivers that erupted, before lowering her face into her sumptuous folds. Unlike Bella, Rosalie had such restraint. Using her tongue she lapped and sucked, three fingers deep and thrusting just as she knew Bella loved, racing her to that peak. But then pulling back, eliciting painfully pleasurable moans from Bella. Rosalie blew another soft stream of air, laughing at the third time of doing this, and the grip Bella placed upon her companion’s long locks.

Alice watched it all, rubbing her hands along Rosalie’s long back, and around to her breasts. Alice would never get enough of Rosalie’s chest, she delighted in pinching her nipples, rolling them soft between her fingers and the groans this would entice from her blonde beloved. But she could not do this forever, this would not bring Rosalie the pleasure she desired, so as Rosalie leant forward thinking to tease Bella once more, Alice reached down and pushed her fingers decidedly inside of her. The gasp Rosalie emitted was exactly as Alice expected it to be, and she smiled as she began to rub soft at that spot inside of her that would make her tingle and come apart.

Mere seconds later they were all, save Alice, a quivering mess. Their moans filled the room, cascading over one another in a harmony of satisfaction.

Edward relaxed outside the door. He couldn’t believe his luck. He had only ever imagined finding Bella’s room, perhaps to see her undressing. But this; this was beyond any of his wildest fantasies. It could only have been better should he have been invited to join them, but one could not get everything one desired. Just as he prepared to move, for his legs had gone to sleep and his mind was soon to follow, a sudden movement from the room made him sit up.

There was a stirring upon the bed; great white-grey shapes were seemingly blowing above where he knew the girls to be. Squinting he shifted closer to the lock, for he could not be seeing what he thought he was seeing. But yes, as the shapes moved again, he had to be certain that they were…wings. Ever the curious boy he shuffled closer, till his eye was pushed right up to the key hole, any closer and he would be in the room. Once again his heart was racing, but it was not from a pleasurable sense of voyeurism, this was more primal. Though he would not admit to being scared of this unknown.

Bella sat up from the bed, her arms raised above her. She knew she had changed; they always did after they coupled. She could imagine her image to her companions. Skin paler, purple veins visible through her almost paper thin skin. Her eyes red and wide, the pupils like pin points in the light of the room. Her mouth would look normal until she opened it, and her multiple rows of razor sharp teeth were exposed. Looking down she saw her fingers, tangled with Alice and Rosalie’s, lengthened into claws tipped with long black talons; her feet would be the same. But the most staggering change was of course the added appendages escaping from her back, with a ten foot wingspan it was an impressive sight.

Bella smirked, thinking of the boys sleeping just down the hall. They had no idea what they had willingly walked into. Such a devilish trap and yet one that had worked for near to seven hundred years now, since the girls had first met. She could not wait to feast upon their bones.

In her natural state her eyesight was honed, as was her sense of smell and hearing, so when a shuffle from outside the door caused her pointed ears to prick up, she was upon the unsuspecting fool in seconds; Rosalie and Alice right behind her. Their growls were feral; their teeth exposed as Bella hoisted Edward up by his shirt front. His eyes were wide, his breaths coming in short gasps.

“You were spying,” she accused.

“I didn’t-I mean-” he stammered. They chuckled. Were it up to Bella she could kill him now and be done with it. But they could only feed once a month, and to waste such blood would be foolish. So instead she set him down, watching as he struggled to decide whether to flee not. She did not give him a choice.

“Edward,” she said her voice deeper in this body. His eyes met hers and he was transfixed, no thought of his own could pass through his mind under her control. “You saw nothing.”

“I saw nothing,” he parroted back.

“You shall return to your bed, and not wake up till tomorrow afternoon with Emmet and Jasper.”

“I shall return to bed, and not wake up till tomorrow afternoon.”

“Good,” she smiled; she could feel her wings retracting, her body shrinking back to her human form, “we’ll see you tomorrow.”

After nodding, Edward about faced and walked back the way he had come, with no idea as to why he was out of bed in the first hand.


When Edward awoke he felt sure his head would explode. His throat hurt and his body ached as he sat up, looking groggily about the room to the stirring forms of Emmett and Jasper. He felt a strange sense of déjà vu but ignored it. In the soft light he took in the room they had slept in, like the rest of the cabin the walls were lined with wood, and other than the three beds there was nothing much else in the room, except a rickety old chest of drawers.

Edward walked, slouched and rubbing a hand through his hair, towards the drawers and the pictures which sat upon them. They were photographs of a family, and at first he thought they must be Bella’s, but she was not in any of the photos. In fact, he thought, none of the occupants of the pictures looked anything like her. He had no idea who they could be.

“Fuck,” Emmett groaned, “my head is killing me.”

“Aye, mine too,” Jasper complained.

“How much did we drink last night?” Edward laughed, turning his back on the strange photographs.

“God knows. What time is it?” Jasper asked.

Edward looked down to his watch, frowning as he looked to the time. But that couldn’t be right. He blinked slowly, before focusing once again on the watch face. Surely it had gotten stuck during the night; but no the second hand still ticked. Clearing his throat he answered, confused.

“It’s nearly six, in the evening.”

“Fucking hell!” Emmett exclaimed. “That’s some prime flirting time gone.”

“Fuck flirting,” Jasper sighed. “I’m starving.”

“Let’s go downstairs, meet up with the girls and get something to eat.”

The boys nodded, and as one they left the room. As Edward reached the top of the stairs he found himself looking to the opposite end of the landing, to a single door slightly ajar. His heart started racing, but he couldn’t say why. He’d never seen that door before, had he? As Jasper knocked into his shoulder, he shook it off. It was just because he was in a strange place, that’s all.

They found the girls in the kitchen, preparing three meals to candlelight. It wasn’t very dark yet, it would be another thirty minutes before the sun set, but in the flickering light of the candles the girl’s shadows looked longer and oddly shaped. Edward’s heart was flying in his chest, for a reason unknown, but he knew he didn’t like it, whatever the reason.

The boys sat around the table at the girl’s request, chatting amiably about over sleeping, of their initial plans for the weekend and how much they had enjoyed the day previous. But Edward was silent, laughing in all the right places but adding nothing of his own. His mind was spinning. Emmett and Jasper spoke of games played the night before, games Edward had no memory of. While he knew they’d drunk a lot the night before, he had never drunk so much that he’d completely blacked out. What was going on?

The food was delicious, and the boys wolfed it down, clearing their plates in minutes. None noticed that the girls didn’t eat; they only sat watching hungrily as the boys devoured their meals. Edward collected the plates, walking over to the sink and placing them in it, looking out to the forest surrounding them and the sun as it dipped below the horizon. The moon was already out, and hung full and red low in the sky.

“A blood moon,” Bella whispered as she walked up behind him. He jumped, having not heard her approach.

“Looks it,” he replied.

“Why don’t you come upstairs?” She purred, stroking a hand down his arm before she gripped his wrist. Edward found himself unable to deny her.

Solemnly the six figures marched back up the stairs, turning left at the landing and heading to that door, still ajar, that had Edward’s heart beating a staccato within his chest. As it was, when Bella led him inside the wood panelled room his stomach rolled, and he thought for sure he would be sick. He couldn’t stop this feeling that something terrible was about to happen.

Joining Jasper and Emmett upon the end of the bed he leant towards his comrades, attempting to whisper his worries into their ears. But they weren’t listening, their eyes were focused on the girls before them, and it did not take long until Edward was caught up in the hypnotising image before him.

In the time it had taken for the boys to sit, and for Edward to worriedly attempt to gain his friends attentions, the girls had stripped bare. They stood fluid in their stationary poses, long limbs and pert breasts exposed to the cold air. They were all creamy skin and rose blushes, hooded eyes and pouting lips. The boys were transfixed.

As they moved, Jasper, Emmett and Edward’s eyes followed them, as they spun and twisted, becoming caught in each other’s embraces. When their lips touched and tongues brushed one another, every boy grew hard, tense and straining. As Rosalie brushed her hand against Bella’s breast, and Bella’s hand dipped into Alice’s cunt, while Alice’s mouth ravished Rosalie’s lips, the boys begged to be invited in. This was what they were waiting for, why they had come into the house in the first place.

But as time went on and breath grew short and hearts raced, the boys realised this was not a six person show, and the girls really had no intention of including them in their games. Yet still, as the truth of it all collapsed on them, still they hoped, as all boys do, that their fantasies would come true.

Edward had the most horrifying sense of déjà vu as the girls suddenly wrenched apart, turning with cocked heads to the boys. He moved without a seconds notice, his body reacting before his mind could comprehend. He slid below the bed, head raised in such gruesome curiosity to watch his friends’ demise, even as he listened to their screams.

The girls transformed into beasts, tough grey skin replacing soft pink flesh, and great leathery wings breaking free of their backs. Their mouths became gaping caverns, filled with row upon row of razor sharp teeth. Jasper and Emmett didn’t see them coming as they charged them.

Jasper tried to run, but Alice’s claws breaking the soft skin of his neck stopped him. Blood ran in rivulets down his neck, as he choked on the thick fluid. He was drowning in his blood, yet still he breathed on. Even as her free arm reached forward, ripping through his abdominals, pulling free reams of intestines. He could only watch as his innards spilt upon the floor.

“Foolish man,” she growled, running her long sharp tongue along his cheek, lapping at the tears falling.

His pain did not last long as she punched a hand into his chest, drawing out his still beating heart and consuming it before his dying eyes.

Emmett was awarded it two-fold, as both Rosalie and Bella latched themselves into him; Rosalie’s claws around his neck and shoulder, and Bella’s into his abdomen, pinning him against the wall.

Rosalie smirked, her red eyes slanted and amused. How she had wished to take him the first time she saw him; so big, and full of blood, begging to be consumed. How she wished to take her time, but now that he was here, pleading and crying with her, she found she could not waste time on torturing him, no matter how much she wished to.

But Rosalie, unlike Alice, did not enjoy feasting upon a dead body and so bit first into the front of his shoulder. She drank slow, savouring the thick, sweet taste of his blood. So rich and full of life, with his heart pumping so quickly. Didn’t it know it would only die faster that way?

Her next bite was to his wrist, where she lapped and purred as a feline, as Emmett’s screams filled the air. Like honey to her ears. The next two bites were quick, to his groin and the back of his knee. His heart was still going fast, though there was now so little to send about his dying form. What had not been consumed by Rosalie was running rivers down his body, painting him and the wooden floor red; she delighted in it.

With her last bite to his neck she drained him dry, leaving him pale and limp upon the floor. She kicked him quickly out of the way as she strolled to where Alice and Bella stood in the middle of the room.

“Edward escaped,” Alice stated. In their frenzy they had not noticed the boy running and tripping across the room.

“He won’t have got far,” Bella sneered, before shooting into the air and through the glass of the window and into the night.

She flew close over the trees, following the scent of his blood like an illuminated path through the woods. Dipping low she saw him, and touched the earth with a resounding crack, smirking as his heart almost skipped a beat. Bella could not wait to devour him.

She was joined by Rosalie and Alice, and as one they gave chase, making as much noise as they could, going slow to allow him to believe he had somehow won. While he fell they watched, smirking at the hope they all felt from him as he reached the road. Poor misguided man.

It took them mere seconds to catch up to him, and end him. They brought his body back to the house and added it, along with the other two men, to the growing pile of rotting male corpses that filled their basement. Then they returned to their room, to rejoice in another bountiful feed, before preparing to lie in wait, until next month, and the next victims to enter their woods.


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