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Voting is (finally) Closed

Voting is closed and the hosts will now busy themselves adding stuff up, making banners, drafting blog posts, and all the other bits  that go with this whole contest business 😀

Bear with us, it might be a couple days till we get everything sorted and ready to go, we’ll let you know when to expect announcements once we know!

Watch the @vampslash twitter. You’ll see it there first!

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New Readers Choice Poll for the Contest

Yep, we have given up on FFn. We figure we’ve waited long enough, any longer and this whole process will get far too drawn out.

I think everyone wants to know who the winners are, yeah?

So we have a new poll. Click here to open the Readers Choice poll in a new window.

Everyone will have to vote again, even if you already voted in the poll on the profile.

This is because there’s no way to prevent double voting if we were to add the FFn votes to the new poll, so we are starting over from scratch. The new poll is open now and will be open through midnight GMT on 21 June.

We will then be able to announce the winners soon afterward.

Click here to vote!

If you haven’t read all the entries yet, find them on the VampSlash contest community.

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Delay in Contest Winner Announcements

Yes, announcements were supposed to be today. As you may have heard, however, the FFn poll thingy returns an error when trying to vote.

Team VampSlash has decided, after discussion at length, to wait it out for the moment. Many options were suggested, a gdocs poll, kwiksurvey poll, scrapping the Readers Choice prize altogether, but for now we are crossing our fingers and hoping that it resolves quickly.

If it does not, and we were to make a new poll elsewhere, we would scrap the original votes and start over from scratch. This was decided to be the fairest way overall if the FFn poll did not resolve itself.

But for now, we are waiting. And hoping. And praying. Do keep trying to vote, and if/when you have success, please let us know so we can inform the masses that they can vote 🙂

Thanks for your patience.

Here’s something for our friends at FFn:

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Time to Vote!

The VampSlash Contest is now in the voting phase! You have until the 11th of June (one week) to read the entries and decide on your one favourite. That’s right, you get one choice, one vote, so use it wisely!

Read the entries here, and then vote here.

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