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Writing Vamp: When Vampires Bite

I do miss the more traditional vampires, and the opportunities they gave for sexy bites mid-coitus. Steph’s vampires just aren’t the same. Here’s what happens when a Twi-vamp bites.

Bites inflicted on vampires

  • the venom stings
  • the bite scars

Everyone knows this, of course, because we are all obsessed with Jasper 😉

Bites inflicted on humans

  • if death doesn’t occur, the venom will begin the change (into a vampire O.o)
  • the venom inflicts pain to the point of incapacitation
  • it is possible to suck the venom out of the wound – in this case, the bite will scar

Bites inflicted on wolves

  • the venom kills – wolves do not change into vampires
  • the time it takes for a wolf to die from a vampire bite is not stated (as far as I know, feel free to correct my assuming ass if I’m wrong), but logic dictates it could be as long as the time it takes for a human to change. It could be shorter, however, if you take into account the wolves different metabolism.

Bites inflicted on animals

  • it is never explored in canon what might happen to an animal bitten, but not killed, by a vampire
  • perhaps the effects would be similar to that of a bite inflicted on a wolf. After all, we’ve not heard of any animal vampires

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