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Halloween Fest: And I Am Re-begot Of Absence, Darkness, Death

Author: RhythmJunkie
Genre(s): AU, horror, vamp, slash,
Wordcount: 1851
Prompt/recipient: Mauralee’s ‘Think Agatha Christie/Stephen King’ prompt, if you squint.
Rating: M
Warnings: Violence, non-con, general gore
Summary: A Hallowe’en camp-out in the woods is all in good fun. Isn’t it?
It’s not mine. None of it.

And I Am Re-begot Of Absence, Darkness, Death

Eric woke with his face pressed into soft dirt, cold and disorientated. It took him a few moments to pull himself from his stupor, and get himself upright again. The clearing was dark, and eerily silent. His heart began pounding heavily when he realised he was alone, and what his apparent isolation indicated. Slowly, he rose to his feet, allowing his eyes to adjust to the darkness. As soon as they had, he wished they hadn’t.

Ragged lumps of wet meat surrounded his resting place, torn and bloody. Eric clenched his fists tight, trying to battle down the images of Jessica, splayed and open in the trees, dripping soggy globs of her insides onto the back of Mike’s jacket. The world spun crazily, and Eric forced his body still, sucking in air. Angela, sweet, lovely Angela, bent and twisted unnaturally, her brown eyes gone, leaving only gaping dark sockets behind. Mike, fuck, he’d hated Mike, lying in the leaves, eyes wide with shock and pain, bleeding out from where his arms should have been, where his tongue should have been…

Eric forced the darkness threatening the edge of his vision back, shaking his head clear of the horror he’d witnessed, and tried to ignore Ben’s head, resting almost delicately, on the tree stump to his far left. He carefully ignored the knowledge that the meat he was studiously avoiding used to be attached to that head.

“Edward?” he whispered in the darkness, “Edward?”

Eric ignored the part of his brain trying to indicate that, since he hadn’t murdered his friends and he had woken up alone when he had gone to sleep with his head on Edward’s shoulder, it was most likely Edward was the mystery assailant, and called out again. He strained his ears, and turned sharply at the soft noise breaking the silence.

A flicker of light through the trees had Eric moving instantly, hoping Edward was trying to signal for help, trying to forget the frustration on Edward’s face when Ben had insisted they hunker down until light, instead of trying to get out of the forest immediately. He had been so calm, but Ben had been hysterical, hands still streaked with Angela’s blood, refusing to enter the tree line with “possible fucking murderers!”.

The soft noise was growing louder with each step Eric took, the light brighter. He tried to shake off the memory of Edward’s delighted smile when Eric had finally agreed to join them on their Hallowe’en camp-out. He tried harder to shake off the memory of Edward’s betrayed glance when he had sided with Ben on staying put until first light, the whispered “I promised I’d protect you, Eric.”

The soft noise had turned into a dull roar now, and Eric could see the bonfire quite clearly through the trees, towering into the sky, belching out thick, pungent fumes that curled around the canopy above.

Eric moved closer to the fire, fear making his feet ache. The blaze was vicious, crackling so deafeningly that it was all Eric could focus on. Absently, he wondered if that was the killer’s plan all along, distract him with fire and noise whilst sneaking up behind him. Eric refused to turn around, and kept creeping forward. He stopped a few feet from the raging bonfire, trying to peer through the thick purple smoke into the heart of the flames.

His eyes protested the vicious heat, and the overpowering smog, but he forced himself to search. When his eyes stopped streaming, he spotted it. A hand, palm up, the skin looking like cracked tile as the flames licked around its edges. As he watched, stomach roiling painfully, the fingers twitched.

Eric leapt back, shaking his head viciously from side to side, mouth overflowing with warning saliva as his insides heaved. His head connected the sweet smell permeating the air with what was burning, and he lost the frail grip on his gag reflex, falling to his knees and vomiting violently.

Once he was sure his stomach was as empty as it could be, Eric scrambled to his feet, wiping his eyes on a dirty sleeve, and turned to run. The sight of Jasper watching him from ten feet away, head tilted, looking terrifying, stopped him dead.

“J…Jasper?” Eric’s voice was rough with question, and the force of his sickness. His heart pounded heavily, making his head hurt and his limbs ache brutally. Jasper’s head snapped to the opposite side, and the sight of it ratcheted Eric’s panic higher.

Jasper stepped forward carefully, his eyes tight on Eric, and Eric felt his breath labour at the oddness in Jasper’s movements, the frightening way he seemed to angle toward Eric, chin tilted down, nostrils flaring.

“Jasper?” Eric asked again, voice tearful, ready to beg for some show of normalcy that he knew, deep down, he wasn’t going to get.

“Eric,” Jasper crooned, the tone heavy and unfamiliar, and Eric sobbed harshly before he could force himself under control. He took a shaky step back, and Jasper frowned, his face sliding feral with displeasure, freezing Eric where he stood.

“Eric,” Jasper murmured, yet his voice cut through the roaring of the fire like wire through ice, and he offered his hand. Eric couldn’t focus over the screaming in his head, but he knew that refusal was not an option. He could feel his lungs expanding heavily against his ribs, could feel himself panting like a cornered animal.

A sudden infusion of lethargy trickling down his spine forced the screaming part of Eric’s brain straight-stiff and trembling with wrongness, like a rodent scenting danger. The larger part of his mind welcomed the feeling, desperate to escape the muscle-tearing fear that it had been soaked in most of the night.

“Come here,” Jasper lulled in a tone that promised dark repose, and Eric found himself jerkily, unwillingly, stepping closer. Jasper bared his teeth in a grotesque parody of a smile, and Eric lost another harsh sob to the uncertain darkness.

“Why?” he whispered, eyes on the inhuman man reaching for him, “I don’t understand.”

The urge to walk fell away, and Eric juddered to a halt, watching with dread as vicious emotions twisted Jasper’s features.

“Why?” Jasper repeated, his body shivering toward Eric in tiny, incremental shifts that made Eric’s skin sweat coldly.

“Why did you…” Eric stopped abruptly, the vision of ruined bodies leaving him voiceless.

“To get you alone,” Jasper grinned, teeth flashing in the firelight.

“You killed them,” Eric stuttered over the word, images trailing across the back of his eyes, “to get me…alone?” Eric could hear his own voice rising with hysteria, then another trickle down his spine, stillness this time.

“Shhh,” Jasper whispered over the onslaught of relaxation forcing its way through Eric’s bones, shifting closer still.

“Edward,” Eric forced out over his slackening muscles, “he was your family.”

Jasper snarled, and Eric stumbled sideways, a small part of his brain forcing his limbs into flight before he collapsed, all the adrenalin whisked out from under his skin, replaced with lethargy, bone-deep.

A hand grasped his shoulder, flipping him onto his back gently, and Jasper looked down on him, expression horrifyingly tender. He pulled a lump of cloth from his shoulder and shook it out, laying it carefully on the ground next to Eric’s prone body.

“Edward should never have touched you.”

The voice was a low growl in the air, sending goose bumps racing over Eric’s skin, making his breath hitch. Jasper knelt by his head, and Eric felt fingertips scratch his scalp gently. Jasper’s eyes closed, and his expression shifted into something sweetly content, a burble-purr thrumming in his chest.

“There’s something so resistant about you, Eric,” Jasper’s voice slid through the continuing rumble, giving his words an odd, double layered texture that made Eric cringe internally at the unpleasant strangeness of it to his ear, “and it’s sotempting…”

He trailed his hand down the side of Eric’s face until his fingers slipped beneath the collar of Eric’s sweatshirt, stroking the skin he found there. He shifted closer, until his knees pressed against Eric’s arm, then leaned down and ran his nose across Eric’s temple. Eric found himself whimpering.

“Yes,” Jasper sighed, “just like that,” and pressed his mouth to Eric’s hair. “I’ve been waiting for you, waiting for a long time. Edward shouldn’t have interfered.” Hands slid beneath Eric’s pliant body, and turned him onto his stomach, arranging him with careful touches. “It’s unimportant now. Soon, all you’ll remember is me.”

Eric recognised the blanket beneath him immediately, he’d been seeing it since he was a child; Jessica’s comforter. Jasper guided Eric onto his knees, a firm hand on the back of his neck bearing his head down until his cheek was pressed against the soft wool. The material was slick against his skin.

As if reading his mind, Jasper draped himself across Eric’s back, cold mouth against his skin, and murmured, “I’d forgotten how much human’s bleed…especially when they struggle.” Hard fingertips skated through Eric’s eye-line, then dragged wetly across his cheek.

“You’ll look so very perfect painted in blood,” he panted, before the weight of his body disappeared from Eric’s back.

The small part of Eric’s brain that was still Eric was screaming so hard that he shivered beneath the fog of stillness that lay heavily upon him. He registered the ripping, and the coolness on his now-exposed thighs. He registered Jasper’s body against him, like pressing warm skin against glass. He registered Jasper’s terrifyingly strong fingers, parting his flesh with arctic insistence.

There was a moment of bright-cold pain, so sharp it cut through the calm in his brain, allowing his tamped-down panic to surge until…it was gone, like a breath on the wind, leaving no trace. Eric knew little about anal sex, but what little he did know assured him he should be wailing in agony right now. When he forced himself to focus, he knew he had to be bleeding, that Jasper’s harsh thrusting hadto be doing irrevocable internal damage. He knew his body hadn’t been ready for such an invasion, that he should have passed out from the assault.

Then the lust hit.

Oh god, the lust. It made Eric moan, trying to press up into Jasper’s push, trying to force him deeper, trying to get more. Eric could feel his body buckling under the force of the man on top of him, yet he couldn’t stop himself from scrabbling for more, more, anything. The screaming part of his brain was trying to make him aware of how the lust felt, the one wrong note in twenty correct, colouring everything slightly off. Eric tried, tried so hard, but the larger part of his brain was addledwith desire, and he could do nothing but whimper and silently beg Jasper for everything he could give.

Jasper growled into Eric’s shoulder, dropping heavily onto him, teeth pressing into his skin exactly where his jugular throbbed, and Eric’s entire focus sank to only the bone-melting pain ravaging his body, and the soothing voice that crooned love and devotion against his ear.


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Halloween Fest: The Best Halloween Ever

Author: mugglemom08
Pairing/MC: Edward/Jasper
Genre(s): AU, slash, romance
Wordcount: 1837
Prompt/recipient: #7
Rating: M
Warnings: Don’t like boys with boys? Don’t read.
Summary: Edward always does something special for Jasper for Halloween; what’s he up to this year?
This hasn’t been beta’d or pre-read. Also, I don’t own Twilight.

The Best Halloween Ever

Edward was up to something. He was throwing off vibes of nervousness and excitement that even a non-empath could’ve picked up on. Alice, of course, knew what was going on, but she wasn’t talking. She almost cracked when I offered to replace her Porsche with the latest model, but she saw something that changed her mind and started yelling at me for “almost ruining everything”. Whatever was going on, this was shaping up to be the best Halloween in all my 168 years.


I was never much interested in the supernatural as a human, but that all changed after my change. Once I became a mythological creature myself, I found my curiosity piqued by all things weird and creepy. Alice and Rosalie love Christmas, Esme gets giddy over Valentine’s Day, Emmett lives for the 4th of July, and Easter holds a special place in Carlisle’s heart. But me? My favorite holiday is Halloween. Edward has no preference–he loves them all equally–but knowing how much I love All Hallow’s Eve, he does something special for me every year. One year, it was a haunted house with each room dedicated to a different historical murderer (the murderers being portrayed, of course, by the rest of the family). Another year, the theme was “childhood Halloween”. We took our friend Bella’s twins trick-or-treating, then went on a haunted hayride (that Emmett almost got us kicked off of), and finally back home to watch scary movies. I think my favorite so far was the year he went with a traditional vampire theme. Our house was tricked out like Dracula’s castle, and we all had to wear capes and fangs. The icing on the cake was the collection of truly horrible vampire movies Edward put together (with Emmett’s help). A roomful of vampires laughing themselves silly isn’t something you see every day.


While the fourth floor was being transformed, I was banished to the living room. I tried playing video games with Emmett, watching TV, and reading; anything to shut everyone out. Finally, the swirl of emotions–the aforementioned excitement and nervousness, plus love, lust (lust? WHAT was he up to?), embarrassment, amusement–were too much, and I headed for the woods behind the house. I didn’t really need to hunt, but it would give me something to do. I couldn’t drive myself crazy trying to figure out what Edward and his sidekick were up to if I was in predator mode.


I was just disposing of my second deer when my phone vibrated with the all-clear from Alice. I double-timed it back home, and was surprised to find everyone gone. That was…odd. They were usually gathered around, waiting to see my reaction–when they weren’t actively involved, that is. I didn’t see Edward, either, so I called out his name as I walked through the kitchen to the living room. At this point I didn’t really expect a response, and I didn’t get one. I rounded the last corner and the main staircase came into sight. Lining both sides of the stairs were mini-pumpkins, hollowed out to hold white tea lights. Every flight of stairs and hallway between the living room and the fourth floor were illuminated by the pumpkins. When I reached our door, I pushed it open–and my jaw dropped.

Edward and Alice must’ve bought out every candle shop in the Pacific Northwest, because every flat surface in our room was covered with them. And sprinkled among the black, purple, and silver candles were more mini-pumpkins, these carved into jack o’ lanterns. Some simple, some elaborate, but no two alike. Hundreds of tiny flames flickered and danced, bathing everything in a warm, buttery light.

Mesmerized as I was by my surroundings, it took me a moment to notice Edward. When I did, my breath caught and venom pooled in my mouth. Leaning against our four-poster bed wearing nothing but black silk lounge pants, he looked like temptation personified. The desire was rolling off him in waves, and was potent enough to nearly bring me to my knees.

“I’m really glad I can feel how much you love me, otherwise all this fire would have me real nervous,” I cracked.

He grinned back at me. “No, my love, you have nothing to worry about. I have no intention of turning you into a pile of ashes. Most of them are LED, anyway.”

His face grew serious and he asked, “What do you think?”

Obviously he already knew what I thought about it, but I appreciated that he made the effort to ask me anyway.

“It’s beautiful, darlin’,” I told him. “I can’t imagine how long this must’ve taken, even with Alice’s help.” Edward had told me long ago that unless he absolutely had to, he didn’t use vamp-speed when setting up my surprises. “Getting it done as quickly as possible makes it seem like I want to be done with it–like it’s a chore. Nothing could be farther from the truth, Jazz. I love doing this for you.”

His mouth quirked up on one side. “Probably not as long as you’re thinking–thanks to Alice. She saw right away that we needed to divide and conquer; she drew and I carved.”

“I’ll have to thank her later–this is amazing.”

“I wanted to do something completely different this year. Halloween and romance don’t usually go together, but I wanted to try.” His eyes, black with want, flashed to mine as he read my thoughts. “And you’re just as turned on as I am, aren’t you?”

Before he could say anything else, I was across the room and had him pinned against the bedpost. “You have no idea. I’ve been feeling your lust since this morning, and coupled with my own? Darlin’ it’s driving me mad.”

I cupped his face in my hands and kissed him with abandon. He opened his mouth for me as I slid my hands into his hair and tugged gently. He moaned and brought his hands to my hips, pulling me closer. I felt his erection press against mine, and it was my turn to groan. Desperate for friction, I ground my pelvis into his, thankful once more that we were the same height.

Edward’s hands moved from my hips to my ass to the waistband of my pants. Before I had time to realize what he was doing, he’d ripped my jeans and boxer briefs from my body, and flung them across the room.

With one more hard, searing kiss he dropped to his knees and took me in his mouth.

“Fuck!” I cried out as I hit the back of his throat. Apparently we weren’t going for a slow burn tonight. I moved so I could grasp the posts at the foot of the bed just in time to stop myself from falling to the floor when he tongued my slit.

Teeth, tongue, lips, and long, elegant fingers came into play, bringing me to the edge of orgasm, again and again. Just as I thought I’d lose my mind if I didn’t get some relief, Edward bit down gently on the tip of my cock and pushed one venom-coated finger into my entrance.

I barely had time to call out his name before I came down his throat.

He licked me clean before standing up, eyes blacker than ever.

“On the bed. NOW!” he growled at me.

I climbed on backwards, never taking my eyes off him. His pants went the way of mine, and he followed after me on all fours. I’ve always thought Edward was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen, but Edward prowling after me like a mountain lion stalking its prey? Hottest. Thing. Ever.

When my back hit the headboard, Edward grabbed my legs and pulled me flat. He planted his hands on either side of my shoulders, lowered himself onto me, and snarled in my ear, “And just where do you think you’re going?”

“Nowhere,” I spluttered, loving the feeling of his hard, heavy cock rubbing against me.

“Damn straight you’re not,” he told me, right before he nipped at my earlobe.

He continued biting me; my neck, my jaw, my collarbone. Softly at first, then harder when my growls and moans told him I needed more. The sting of his venom only enhanced my ecstasy. His hands on my ass held me in place as he rocked his hips against me, bringing my cock back to life.

Rolling away from me for a moment, he grabbed a bottle of lube from his nightstand drawer. His tongue traced circles around my nipples as he quickly prepared me.

He ordered me onto my hands and knees, and I didn’t hesitate to comply. He rubbed the swollen head of his cock against my entrance before easing his way inside. Once his pelvis was flush against my backside, he leaned over my back to whisper, “I’m gonna fuck you so hard.” That was all the warning I got before he pulled almost all the way out and then slammed back into me.



Edward drove into me again and again, harder and faster than would’ve been possible for a human. He was done teasing.

A hand in my hair brought me out of my pleasure-induced fog. One tug had me up on my knees, pressed against the front of Edward’s body. His other hand snaked around me and took hold of my length.

“I want you to come with me,” he said, the gentleness of his voice in complete contrast to the actions of his body.

He stroked me in time with his thrusts, and I soon felt my balls tightening. No sooner had I realized I was going to come than Edward was releasing into me. His orgasm triggered my own, and I came, painting the comforter and his hand with my venom.


Many hours and much broken furniture later, we lay on what was left of our bed, my head on Edward’s chest as he gently stroked my hair. There wasn’t an inch of me that he hadn’t worshipped, and I don’t think I’d ever felt happier or more loved.

“That was indescribable, babe. I just…thank you again for such a wonderful Halloween.”

“You’re welcome, my love,” he replied, kissing the top of my head. “Anything for you.”

“There’s just one problem,” I said, trying to bite back my smile.

“Oh, yeah? And what might that be?” he asked, my favorite cocky grin firmly in place.

“How will you ever manage to top this?”

“Don’t you worry your pretty little head about that, darlin’,” he said in a perfect Southern drawl. “I’ll come up with something.”


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Halloween Fest: Scent and a Sound

Author: sapphirescribe
Pairing/MC: Riley/?
Genre(s): AU, human, vamp, wolf, slash
Wordcount: ~6000
Prompt/recipient: Inspired by prompt 12
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Blood. Slash. Smut. Though, really, if you have to be “warned” about any of those things, what are you doing here?
Summary: Riley has a stalker.
Disclaimer: I wish I owned this shit.

Scent and a Sound

The notes started out innocuously enough. The first appeared under the windshield wiper of his car after his first Psychology of Crime class.

You’re cute.

He figured it was just someone being nice, or silly, or trying to commit a random act of kindness. He smiled to himself after seeing no one else around and then put it on the windshield of the car next to him, thinking someone else might be able to use a pick-me-up.

With a little extra spring in his step, Riley drove to work. This was one of his longer days – three classes and then a full shift and closing the bar. The money was good, though, and despite the fact that the frat boy clientele could be irritating at times, they were at least excellent eye candy. Riley groaned when he realized that it was Open Mic Night so he’d have to deal with a lot of sub-par entertainment.

By 10pm the bar was packed. Mostly frat boy types, as Riley had expected, though the skanks were out in full force as well. He would never understand women and their ‘fashion’ choices.

By midnight, Riley was exhausted and sick of girls hitting on him and boys getting angry when he didn’t serve them fast enough. Telling girls he was gay rarely even lessened their interest. It mostly made them giggle and ask if they could watch.

“Interesting double standard, isn’t it?” came a voice after the latest group of tittering girls had moved away from the bar. The sound of it was unlike anything Riley had ever heard, even over the racket on stage of someone butchering one of his favorite songs. The voice seemed to penetrate right to his heart, making it start and stutter.

Riley finally turned to see the owner of the voice: a beautiful man, dressed in a form-fitting shirt and casually ripped jeans stood at the end of the bar. He was not Riley’s type at all, but Riley couldn’t take his eyes off of him. He was tall, well over six feet, and muscular. He looked like he could tear Riley in half if he wanted to, but there was a gentleness in his eyes that he trusted immediately.

“Huh?” he finally said when he realized the man was waiting for him to speak.

“They want to watch you with another guy, but if anyone asked to watch them have sex with another woman, they’d rip his balls off. Double standard.”

“Oh, yeah,” Riley agreed.

“So…” the man started, “can I get a beer?”

“Oh, shit, yeah. Sorry. What’ll it be?” Riley couldn’t believe he forgot himself so quickly. Every thought in his head had fled the moment he laid eyes on the walking sex at his bar.

“I’m Emmett,” the man said when Riley handed him the beer. Riley wiped the bar grime off his hand and extended it for a handshake.

“Riley,” he said, and took Emmett’s hand. “Shit, is it cold outside? You’re freezing.”


The few hours he spent talking with Emmett kept Riley in high spirits for the rest of the week. He couldn’t remember a time where he had so easily conversed with someone, or when he had last laughed so genuinely.

The arrival of another note on his car windshield (I love your smile)only served to underscore his happiness. They were purely complimentary. Since they were unsigned, he figured he had just picked up a secret admirer who was too shy to talk to him.


A week after their first meeting, Emmett showed up at the bar again. This time he was dressed like he had just left the gym and Riley had a hard time tearing his mind away from the thought of Emmett’s muscles rippling with the effort of lifting weights. He looked luminescent somehow, even in the dim lighting of the bar.

His hand was noticeably cold again, but Riley didn’t think much of it because he was caught up in their handshake which was a little longer and perhaps more tender than it had been the previous week.

The bar was slightly less busy than the previous week and it allowed them to talk with fewer interruptions. Riley again found himself inexplicably drawn to Emmett. He had a gentleness that was surprising for his sheer size, but he also had a hint of a bad-boy vibe underneath it all.

Riley watched him from across the bar as he served another patron. Emmett was watching the band play and chuckling at their ridiculous, parody lyrics.

His whole face brightened when he smiled. Riley was mesmerized when Emmett picked up his beer and took a drink. Riley could have sworn time stopped and Emmett moved in slow motion: his lips wrapped around the mouth of the bottle, and Riley could see a hint of tongue where his lips parted. Emmett even swallowed sensually, and the action evoked images of Emmett swallowing around him that Riley couldn’t suppress. He licked a droplet of beer off his lip and swallowed again before putting the bottle down. Riley realized he licked his lips, mimicking Emmett’s movements, only to glance up and see Emmett watching him.

He’d been caught.

He felt his face heat with a terrible blush, but didn’t break eye contact. Emmett knew he was gay but hadn’t made any reference to his own sexuality. But this was practically an invitation and Riley wasn’t going to be the first to look away if he could help it.

Unfortunately, at that moment a group came in and crowded the bar demanding to be served. By the time they were all satisfied and Riley could break away, Emmett was gone.


Another week passed, this time with three notes. The only thing that kept Riley from freaking out entirely was that they only showed up on days he was on campus, and they were still pretty tame. The last one did make him a little nervous since it complimented his outfit that very day and was far more sexual than the others:

You look absolutely fuckable in those jeans.

As he did any day a note showed up, he scanned the parking lot to see if he saw anything suspicious. But just like every time before, nothing caught his eye.

He pushed the note to the back of his mind with thoughts of Emmett. If they were establishing a pattern, and God, how he hoped they were, Emmett would be at the bar that night. Riley resolved to ask Emmett for his number. There was nothing he hated more than not knowing, and not knowing whether Emmett would show up was burning him up with anticipation.


Riley practically skipped home that night, Emmett’s number burning a hole in his pocket.

It wasn’t until he was halfway home that he saw the note pinned under his windshield wipers, flapping in the wind.


The next day, Riley was thrilled to learn that Emmett wasn’t into playing games like so many men he had met. They exchanged texts throughout the day and when they hung up the phone past one a.m., Riley knew he was falling.

Emmett seemed to be everything he had been looking for. Funny as hell, but never at the expense of others, smart, well-read, not to mention gorgeous. But more than that, he made Riley feel safe, even when they were apart. And in the quiet darkness of his room – alone– that night, Riley might have admitted to himself that Emmett made him feel special. Loved.


A few days later, Emmett met Riley at the bar again. They had yet to go on a proper date, but they were talking and texting every day. Emmett even came to the bar every time Riley worked. It wasn’t an ideal situation but Riley wasn’t quite ready to push for more.

That night, though, Emmett was acting strange. Out of the corner of his eye, Riley thought he saw Emmett sniffing the air around him. A surreptitious sniff under his arm when he reached under the bar assured him that his earlier shower had served its purpose, but he was still self-conscious.

“My little sister loves Halloween. She’s going as a mailbox this year. It’s silly, but totally adorable.” Riley knew he was rambling but he couldn’t help it. The awkward silences were killing him. “My mom cut a head and arm holes in a big box and then a slot through the front for mail. They’re putting a pillow case on the inside so people can put the candy through the slot and it goes right into her bag. She comes up with the weirdest–”

“What is that?” Emmett interrupted.

“It’s nothing,” said Riley, grabbing the parchment stuck under his wipers in its now-usual spot and crumpling it up without reading it.

“It doesn’t look like nothing. Let me see.”

Against his better judgment, Riley handed the note over.

“Don’t let any drunk frat boys touch you tonight.” Emmett read aloud.

Riley toed the ground, unable to make eye contact. This one was in line with the increased creepiness of the latest notes, but he hadn’t told anyone about the notes so far and certainly hadn’t planned on telling Emmett.

“That’s weird.”


He chanced a look up. The look on Emmett’s face was indescribable. He looked concerned, yes, but there lurked a hint of that darkness Riley had seen early on as well.



“This isn’t the first of these that you’ve gotten, is it?”

“Not exactly.”

“How many?”

“Seven,” he whispered.

“Are you fucking kidding me? Why didn’t you tell me about this before?” Emmett shouted.

Emmett’s anger was surprising. But Riley was more surprised about his own anger in response.

“What was I supposed to have told you? ‘I’m getting notes from someone?’ Big deal! They’re just notes, they’re completely harmless. And what could you possibly have done?”

“It’s not completely harmless. Do you even know who these are from? What kind of–” Emmett closed his eyes and crushed the note in his fist. He took a deep breath and when he spoke again it was with an eerie calm. “It’s not harmless. You don’t know who is sending you these things. How does he even know where you work?”


Riley couldn’t stop thinking about the notes that night. There had been seven over the course of fourteen days. Except for the days he didn’t go to campus, that meant there was one almost every day. That seemed like a lot of dedication for a secret admirer, and a lot of opportunities for that person to get caught. The fact that Riley had never seen anyone near his car meant the person probably knew when he would be around, and therefore knew his class schedule.

That information was private. Not just anyone should be able to get that information from the Registrar’s office, so unless they got his schedule by illicit means, that meant they were watching him.

Riley practically slammed on the breaks when he got to his parking lot. His heart was pounding and his breath came in great gasps.

Someone was watching him.

How had he not realized it before? This wasn’t just a silly game anymore, no matter what the note-giver’s intent. His hands gripped the steering wheel tight enough to make his knuckles white. He didn’t think he should go to the police. What would they even do?


Riley stayed in on Halloween. Handing out candy to the few kids who trick-or-treated through the neighborhood was always preferable to going out to a party where everyone got drunk and stupid. For about an hour there was a steady stream of kids at his door, sometimes with their parents. But by eight o’clock that night, it was dark and quiet.

“I’ll be at my folks’ house in Forks tonight, but call me if…” he hesitated, “if you want.”

“Thanks, Em. I will. But I’ll be fine.”

Riley knew what Emmett wasn’t saying, though: “Call me if anything weird happens and your stalker shows up,” was what he really meant.

Riley had been especially freaked out by the latest note – You smell perfect. – which showed up on his car while he was shopping for last-minute Halloween treats that morning.

But Emmett’s reaction had nothing on Riley’s. He was furious.

“I don’t like it Ri. He’s getting too close to you. That foul do- if he lays so much as a finger on you, I’ll tear him limb from limb.”

“Em, it’s fine. I’m not worried.”

Emmett shot him a disbelieving look.

“Okay, fine. I’m a little freaked out. But this guy doesn’t know where I live or anything. I’ll be fine.”

“I still don’t like it. I don’t want anything to happen to you.” Emmett’s usually booming voice grew quiet. “I just found you.”

The words filled Riley with such warmth, he couldn’t help the smile that spread across his face. It was easy to forget his fear and Emmett’s ferocity when Emmett leaned down to kiss him.

Their lips met in a soft kiss, sweetness hiding the anger and fear Riley knew were boiling just under the larger man’s skin.

He found it odd that he should be comforting his much larger and stronger … Emmett, but he liked it. Emmett’s lips were firm but soft, and they tasted salty and faintly of rust when Riley flicked his tongue out to taste him.

The kiss ended far too quickly for Riley’s taste, but he couldn’t complain. It left the taste of Emmett on his lips for hours to come, even after Em had left to visit his family.


Rain lashed the windows. The wind howled. The city hadn’t seen a storm like it in ages. It was darker than normal for that time of night. Tree branches scraped the side of the building like nails on a chalk board.

A pounding on the front door made Riley jump. The hair on the back of his neck stood on end and he couldn’t suppress a shiver. He blamed the storm and the movie for his nerves, but still he felt something in the air that wasn’t quite right.

Emmett had told Riley to call him any time, but Riley felt silly doing so now. Nothing was really wrong and he didn’t want to make Emmett think he couldn’t handle himself. He had never been afraid to answer his door before.

But when he got to the door, he realized there was nothing to answer, and no power on this earth could have made him open the door at that moment.

A very familiar piece of parchment sat on the floor, half squeezed under his front door.

With trembling hands, he unfolded the note.

Don’t trust him.

He’s not what he says he is.

You’re not safe with him.

I can protect you.

Riley paused for only a fraction of a second before sprinting to his phone and calling Emmett. His so-called “Secret Admirer” knew where he lived. What was more, he was likely still out there lurking.

“I’m on my way, Ri,” Emmett answered the phone without preamble.

“How did you–”

“Alice sa– I mean, she had a bad feeling. I didn’t like not being there with you. What happened?”

“He slipped a note under my door.”

“What?” Emmett bellowed.

Had Riley not been so distracted by the note still clutched in his hand and the relief that Emmett was on his way, he would have been confused and distracted by the sound of rushing wind and faster-than-human footfalls on the other end of the line.

“I’m on my way. I should be there in about thirty. What did it say?”

It was only then, when Riley read the note aloud to Emmett that he understood the implication. His stalker – Riley no longer thought of him as an admirer – was warning him about Em.

Don’t trust Emmett.

Emmett isn’t what he says he is.

You’re not safe with Emmett.

And in the next moment, he knew that his stalker was at least right about one thing. Something was different about Emmett. His cold skin, his immovable lips, his eyes, his unbelievable strength.

“What does he mean, Emmett?”

“Jesus, Riley, please. You can trust me and I swear to God that you are safe with me. Please don’t doubt that. I swear I’ll explain everything when I see you. Just believe that.”

And he did. Emmett had never given him so much as a hint of a reason not to trust him, or to doubt or fear for his safety. Whatever Emmett was, he wasn’t a danger to Riley.

“I do,” Riley whispered.

“Oh, Thank God,” Emmett breathed. “Go double check your locks, Ri. And don’t let anyone in but me. Stay on the phone with me until I get there.”

“Yeah. Good idea.”

Barely a step before Riley reached the door there was a knock.

“Who is it?” Emmett asked in his ear.

Riley took a deep breath before looking out his peep hole, and then let it out in a long, relieved breath.

“Fuck. It’s just Paul, he’s in my Psych class. Hang on.”

Riley took the phone away from his ear to use both hands to undo the locks and open the door.

“Is that him?” Paul asked, indicating the phone in Riley’s hand.


“The one you’ve been ignoring me for.”

“What are you talking about, Paul?”

“He’s not safe for you, not good for you. Have you figured out what he is yet?”

Riley brought the phone back to his ear.

“Riley,” Emmett pleaded, “Riley, don’t listen to him. Please trust me.”

“You heard him?” Riley asked.

“You haven’t figured it out then? Let me help you. He’s a vampire,” Paul said with a growl. “He’s a disgusting, murdering, blood-sucking vampire. Only I can protect you from him.”

“I don’t need protection from him,” Riley responded. He hated the fear in his voice, but he didn’t know what to think.

“That’s right, Ri. I’ll keep you safe, I promise. Just hold on,” Em said in his ear.

With lightning quick speed, Paul snatched the phone from Riley’s hand.

“You won’t get here in time,” he snarled into the phone. Paul stared directly into Riley’s eyes as he spoke to Emmett. “You can’t have him. I’m going to take him away where you’ll never be able to find him and harm him. He’ll be safe with me.”

Before either of them could react, Paul flipped the phone backwards and broke it in half.

He looked up at Riley with an unquestionably predatory look in his eye.

“I don’t like how you’ve been ignoring me, Riley. But that’s okay. There’s plenty of time for you to make it up to me.”

He stepped closer to Riley with each breath, and Riley backed away with every step until he found his back to the corner of his kitchen cabinets.

Paul stalked slowly closer until his chest was but a hair’s breadth from Riley’s. He took a deep breath and Riley watched in disgust as Paul’s eyes rolled back in his head.

“You smell fucking fantastic, except I can smell that leech all over you. I can replace his scent with my own easily enough.”

“Why are you doing this, Paul? I don’t understand.”

“You’re mine, what’s why.” Paul grabbed Riley’s upper arms and shook him. “I won’t share you with him. Don’t ask me to.”

Like Riley would suggest that. But he knew he had to keep Paul talking. The longer he talked, the closer Emmett came.

“Of course not. I would never ask you to share me with Emmett.” Because you’re a fucking psycho and I only want him.

“Good. Let’s go before the leech gets here.”

Grabbing Riley’s wrist, Paul dragged him towards the door. He was ridiculously strong. Perhaps as strong as Emmett.

“Wait,” Riley shouted, panicked. He couldn’t let Paul drag him out that door.

“There’s no time to wait,” Paul shouted.

“Please, I still don’t understand,” Riley fought back blind panic and the lump that was forming in his throat. “Please help me understand. Why me? Why like this?”

Paul looked almost confused for a minute, as if the answer was obvious and he shouldn’t have to explain. His expression softened inexplicably. He raised a hand and stroked Riley’s cheek tenderly.

“You’re my imprint. You’re my mate. We were made for each other. I was going to let you know properly, then the blood-sucker leeched onto you and I had to change my plans. I’ll have all the time in the world to fix what he’s done to you, but you have to come with me.”

Something of Riley’s fear must have shown on his face, because Paul pulled him in for a tight hug. “Shhh, it’ll be okay, baby,” Paul whispered. “I’ll make everything okay.”

He pulled back then and took Riley’s face in his hands. He stared into Riley’s eyes and whispered words that Riley was sure were supposed to be comforting. “I’ll take you away from here and never let him hurt you, okay? I love you, baby.”

When Paul’s lips met his, Riley thought he might vomit. Paul opened his mouth slightly and lapped at Riley’s bottom lip, which was tightly pressed against his upper. Paul moaned in pleasure, getting lost in the one-sided kiss, then grabbed Riley’s hips and pulled Riley close. Riley acted on instinct when he felt the hard pressure of Paul’s erection pressing against him. In a flash he grabbed Paul’s shoulders and hoisted his knee as hard as possible into Paul’s groin.

Paul backed away with a look of shock and pain on his face and doubled over, falling against the front door and sliding onto the floor, clutching his crotch and moaning.

Riley ran. He didn’t know where he was going or what he was going to do, he just wanted to get away from the man at his door. There was no back door to his apartment, though, so he aimed for his bedroom window which let out to the alley behind his building.

He had the window open and one leg out when he was wrenched back into his bedroom and thrown onto his bed. Paul was standing over him, face painted with rage.

“What the fuck was that, Riley? Why would you hurt me like that? He’s poisoned you against me, hasn’t he. It’s all his fault. Once I get you to safety, I’ll take care of him. I’ll fucking kill him for making you do this to me.”

“No, please,” Riley begged. “He has nothing to do with this. I was scared. You scared me Paul, that’s all.” Riley shuffled backwards on the bed, distancing himself as much as possible from the man in his bedroom.

The air around Paul seemed to shake and shiver. It was as if his anger was making the molecules surrounding him quake in fear. His whole body trembled with barely-contained rage.

“I can’t trust you not to run from me,” Paul said as he reached into his pocket and pulled something out that glinted in the moonlight. In the next second he lunged forward and grabbed one of Riley’s wrists. Only when the cold steel clicked shut around his wrist did Riley realize what it was.


When Paul reached for his other hand, Riley started thrashing. He kicked and shouted and punched at Paul as hard as he could. He knew if Paul got the other cuff on his wrist that all hope was lost. He landed a knee in Paul’s stomach that knocked the wind out of him and Riley started to scramble away.

An almighty crash from somewhere in the apartment startled Riley. In the split second that he paused, Paul grabbed his arms and slipped the cuff around the wooden slats in Riley’s headboard, effectively chaining him to his bed.

Along with the next flash of lightning, Emmett appeared. Riley’s heart skipped a beat at the sight of him. He looked wild and feral, his hair windswept, his eyes black as night.

“Get the fuck away from him, Paul,” he snarled.

“You’re just asking for trouble, aren’t you, leech? Don’t we look good together?” he taunted, lifting up Riley’s head by his hair and bringing it close to his own.

“Please,” Riley whimpered, begging for Emmett to do something, help him somehow.

“Shh, baby. Don’t you worry,” Paul coddled him, thinking Riley was addressing him. “I’ll take care of him for you,” and then his mouth was on Riley’s once again, but Riley was too surprised to close his mouth this time. Paul’s tongue plunged inside, taking, tasting, invading.

Without a thought, Riley kicked his legs out and bit down on Paul’s tongue at the same time, just before he was wrenched away and sent flying across the room.

Emmett was on him in a second. “You don’t touch him,” he spat. Paul growled in response – a deep, reverberating growl that seemed to shake the apartment.

“Riley, get down,” Emmett shouted.

Still cuffed to the bed, Riley was only able to curl into the fetal position and squeeze his eyes shut in response.

Snarling, ripping, growling sounds rent the air. Riley was terrified of what he would see if he opened his eyes, so he folded in tighter upon himself. His whole body pulled tight to the headboard where he was shackled.

Riley’s eyes shot open when he heard Emmett shout in pain. A massive, silver-furred creature the size of a bear had its teeth clamped around Emmett’s forearm. With his other arm, Emmett swung at the beast, hitting it with an uppercut straight to the throat.

The creature wheezed and whimpered, letting go of Emmett.

Emmett seemed not to notice the gashes in his arm as he grabbed the beast – Paul, Riley realized – by the neck and threw it bodily from the room.

Riley was simultaneously relieved and terrified that he could no longer see what was going on. All he heard was snarling and snapping, crashes of breaking furniture and animalistic grunts and growls. He couldn’t tell who was winning and the thought that it might be Paul had him yanking on the handcuffs that were cutting into his wrists.

Riley managed to turn himself around with his feet against the headboard on the slats surrounding the one to which he was chained. As he pulled and pushed and struggled, he felt the cold steel slicing through delicate skin and saw the blood start to trickle down his forearm. It dripped in fat, red droplets onto his pillows, but still Riley pulled. No matter how hard he tried, though, he couldn’t free himself.

By the time he realized he no longer heard crashing and fighting, he was past the point of fear and frustration. His face was soaked with tears and all he wanted was for Emmett to come back. He didn’t see how that was possible, though. There was no way Emmett could have defeated that huge dog. And so Riley was defeated as well.

That thought drained him of all energy.

He stopped pulling at the cuffs and curled himself into the smallest ball possible and just tried not to sob.

A sound at his bedroom door broke into his despair.


He looked up.

“Oh God. Emmett.” The words came out as a coked sob. This time the tears that cascaded down Riley’s face were of pure relief.

Emmett was at the side of his bed in a flash. He reached his hands out as if to touch Riley, but stopped himself. He was shaking, his whole body tense. Riley could feel the tension radiating from his every pore.

In the next second, Emmett was on the bed and hovering over Riley, restraint all but forgotten. Riley barely felt it happen, but Emmett had uncoiled him and was straddling his hips. His hands seemed to be everywhere at once. Tiny, barely-there touches of reassurance on his face, neck, chest, arms, and face again.

Emmett grabbed Riley around the shoulders and pulled him into a tight hug. He whispered something into Riley’s neck too low for Riley to hear, and then, “I thought I’d lost you.”

“Me too, Em,” was all he could say. But his brain was screaming. I can’t lose you. I don’t know what I would’ve done if he hurt you. I know it’s too soon, but I need you.

Then Emmett’s mouth was on his and Riley had never experienced a kiss so full of emotion. Emmett’s hands still roamed Riley’s body but when he tried to do the same, the handcuffs just rattled against the headboard.

Emmett broke their kiss just before Riley grew too short of breath. He was still shaking. Still stretched too thin and tight as a wire. Once again Riley found himself in the position of comforting the much larger, far more indestructible man.

“It’s okay, Em. I’m okay,” he whispered.

When Emmett finally looked him in the eye, Riley was startled by the naked emotion he saw there.

“I need you.”

“Me too. Always.”

Riley gasped when Emmett brought his hips down to actually touch his own. Emmett was hard as steel. Riley’s whole body shuddered with pleasurable anticipation and he rolled his hips up into Emmett’s, quickly growing hard himself.

Slightly more controlled, Emmett placed his hands on Riley’s hips and slowly moved them up Riley’s abdomen, pushing his shirt up in the process. When Emmett pulled away and tore the shirt from Riley’s body, Riley found he missed – craved– the sensation of Emmett’s cold hands on his skin.

Paul’s touch had been all wrong – too hot, clammy, fever-inducing. Emmett’s was soothing, refreshing, wonderful.

“Touch me, Em,” Riley moaned.

Emmett’s hand came back to Riley’s neck. He held Riley’s face in his cool hands and kissed him again. His hands and mouth began a journey of exploration and continued reassurance down Riley’s body. He kissed and licked at Riley’s neck, his lips lingering on Riley’s pulse point. Then his mouth moved to the pale clavicle and shoulders underneath him. Riley hummed in pleasure as Emmett took each nipple into his mouth in turn, and found himself undulating his hips with every movement.

Emmett’s hands roamed Riley’s chest as he kissed down his flat stomach and the light trail of hair leading south. His fingers fumbled for a moment at Riley’s belt, but soon enough it was off and Emmett just tore Riley’s pants and boxers clean off.


Emmett inhaled deep, breathing in Riley’s very essence. He started with long, slow licks from the base of his shaft that led to sloppy kisses around the sensitive head. Emmett bathed Riley’s balls with his tongue and then swallowed around the head of his dick as he sucked it deep into the back of his throat.

Riley swore and panted, unable to control his body or the sensations that Emmett was pulling from him.

Twice he almost came before Emmett pulled back.

Emmett cupped his balls in one hand and swallowed around his cock again as his other hand slid its way up Riley’s body.

When Emmett’s hand reached Riley’s face, he took two of Emmett’s fingers into his mouth and subjected them to the same treatment his dick was experiencing.

He swirled his tongue around Emmett’s fingers and Emmett did the same to his cock. He took Emmett’s fingers and deep into his mouth as possible, and again Emmett mimicked the motion on Riley. When Riley’s teeth graced the underside of Emmett’s fingers on one enthusiastic suck, Riley could have sworn he felt the ghost of razor sharp teeth graze his sensitive flesh.

It raised goosebumps all over his body and he came with a shout before either of them had any warning. His body shuddered and starbursts of light flashed behind his eyelids. Emmett’s mouth never left his cock.

A moment later Riley could taste himself in Emmett’s mouth as Em kissed him. The mixture of his salty with Emmett’s sweet was intoxicating.

When he felt Emmett’s saliva-soaked fingers pressing against his ass, Riley moaned. When both of Emmett’s fingers entered him, he cried out in sweet relief.

“He wasn’t lying, you know.”

Riley paused at the strange non-sequitor.

“Paul. He wasn’t lying about me. What I am…”

Emmett’s voice was barely a whisper.

“I don’t care,” Riley answered. It was the truth. “I know you won’t hurt me. I don’t care if you’re a vampire.” The word felt foreign on Riley’s tongue, but that didn’t negate the truth of the statement.

Emmett murmured something once again too low for Riley to hear, but then his lips were on Riley’s again and his fingers were moving inside of him once more.

“I need you,” he said into Riley’s mouth.

“Please,” Riley begged.

Then Riley felt the pressure of Emmett’s cock at his entrance. Had he been slightly more coherent, he would’ve wondered when Emmett removed his clothing. As it was, he was consumed with the thought of Emmett being inside of him.

He cried out when the head of Emmett’s cock was finally inside him. The usual burn was numbed by Emmett’s natural temperature, so all he felt was unadulterated pleasure.

“Wait,” Riley shouted just as Emmett started to thrust. “I need to touch you, Em.” Riley rattled the cuffs still chaining him to the headboard. “Help me.”

For a moment Emmett looked torn. His eyes were pitch black and they followed a fresh droplet of blood as it trailed from Riley’s wrist down to his elbow.

He looked at Riley again and Riley saw the fear in his eyes.

“Take it,” he whispered. “You won’t hurt me.”

Slowly Emmett reached up to the cuffs and effortlessly broke them apart. Riley flinched at the tightness in his shoulders as he brought his hands down in front of him.

Emmett hovered above him, holding on to the headboard and taking shallow breaths. Riley rested one hand on Emmett’s immaculate chest and reached up to Emmet’s face with the other. He flinched when Riley touched him and then grabbed Riley’s arm tightly with both hands.

Emmett turned his face until Riley’s still-bleeding wrist was at his mouth. Just as Emmett’s tongue licked at the wound, he began thrusting again.

Emmett practically wrapped his mouth around Riley’s wrist and licked and sucked at the wound. He turned Riley’s arm this way and that, licking and kissing the torn flesh of Riley’s tender wrists.

Riley couldn’t think and could barely move. He was so awash with pleasure at the feeling of Emmett’s icy tongue healing his wounds and Emmett’s icy cock still moving inside him.

Soon Emmett switched to Riley’s other wrist. Riley used his good hand to pull Emmett closer.

“You’re too far away,” he panted. “Never stop touching me.”

Riley watched up close this time as Emmett’s tongue crept out and tended to his wounded skin. He watched as Emmett’s lips closed around sections of his wrist and felt the skin knit together. When there was only a tiny section of his wrist left open, Emmett looked Riley in the eye.

Riley nodded.

Emmett’s eyes closed and his mouth descended to Riley’s wrist once more. Riley watched as Emmett drank from him. Emmett’s throat constricted with the motion and Riley felt his chest rumble in an unmistakable purr.

When the realization of what he was doing – letting a vampire drink his blood, letting a vampire fuck him – washed over Riley, he was momentarily overcome.

But then Emmett closed the wound on his wrist and looked into Riley’s eyes, and it was still just Emmett. And Riley knew he was safe.

Emmett brought his lips back to Riley’s and they shared another kiss, this one more deep and meaningful than any before.

Emmett changed the angle of his hips and within a few thrusts, Riley was crying out in pleasure.

The tightening of Riley’s body around his own was enough to set Emmett off. The sensation of Emmett’s cold release inside Riley made him shiver, but he knew he would never want anything different again.


“What was he, Em?”

“Don’t worry about it, Ri. He’s gone now. I’ll answer all your questions in the morning. You’re safe. Just sleep.”

“You’ll stay?” Riley asked, gripping Emmett even tighter and snuggling closer.

“Always,” Emmett whispered.


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Halloween Fest: The Romantic

Author: vampireisthenewblack
Pairing/MC: Alec, Edward, Seth
Genre(s): slash, AU,
Wordcount: 3300
Prompt/recipient: #10
Rating: MA
Warnings: non-con
Summary: I will be punished when Aro finds out what I have lost for him, but I have served him well for centuries, and if I am lucky, I will escape with my life.
Disclaimer: Not mine.

The Romantic

It is a vampire—there’s no question about it—and it is perfectly still, as only our kind can be. But it is clear from the moss that has grown around the fingers where they clutch the wall behind it that it has been in just this position for a very long time.

Someone cares for it. There are marks where the moss and vines have been cleared away, ripped from the naked forearms. If it had not been attended to, this vampire would have been hidden in the growth that has covered every inch of this old house.

The house must have been very fine, once. Remnants of white paint peel away beneath the creeping ivy, and moss has devoured what once must have been a plush carpet beneath my feet. Moisture squishes away with every step I take.

But this vampire, this beautiful boy who stands flush with the dripping wall, eyes closed, face blank, the circles beneath his eyes darker than any I’ve ever seen, even on the most starved of vampires, is the only thing in the house that is not covered in the forest that is slowly reclaiming its rightful place.

I touch him, press my fingertips against his cheeks, his lips, and he is pliable beneath my fingers, yet he gives no sign that he is aware.

Our kind cannot die without the form we are in being completely destroyed, and so I can only surmise that this is some kind of sleep.

Or the closest thing to it.

If a vampire simply cannot feed, I wonder if this is what would happen. I’ve never heard of such a thing, and I have existed for centuries, serving as a member of the Volturi Guard since my change. Surely the Volturi would have heard of such a thing if it were possible.

I imagine what it would be like to have such a thing as sleep, to take myself out of the world for a year, a decade, a century. I smile at the prospect of leapfrogging through time, waking to find the world vastly changed.

Aro shall wish to see this.

“What do you say, strange, sleeping vampire? Will you wake if we move you?” I whisper as I lean up upon my toes and kiss the plump, pale lips.

I smell it before I hear it. It is just as Aro described: a thick, earthy, animal smell that makes me twist up my face in distaste, right before a heavy, rumbling growl erupts behind me.


I smile as I step away from the sleeping vampire. An enormous wolf—its great head hanging so low that we are eye to eye—approaches, stalks toward me.

“So you do exist,” I say, conversationally. “It’s always nice when you come so far to know that it hasn’t been for no reason.” I glance at the beauty who stands against the wall. “Though he would have been consolation enough, had you not shown yourself.”

The wolf growls again and leaps at me.


He’s quick, but not quick enough, and slides on the sodden floor as I turn, amused, after simply stepping out of the way of his attack.

“They say you are a vampire killer. Is it true that you are a man as well? That your form shifts? I’ve seen werewolves, and you are not one. Can you choose which body you inhabit?” I laugh. “I have so many questions. I apologise, for you can hardly answer as you are.”

The creature looks up at me, large, liquid eyes narrowing, and like a shimmering mirage, it changes. A man crouches on the floor, then stands tall.

And such a man. Large, made of muscle, as they say, and dark, delicious skin like the coat of the wolf itself. The man is naked, and I drink him in with my eyes.

“Vampires aren’t welcome on the peninsula.” His eyes are cold.

I laugh. “What about him?” I say as I look toward the sleeper against the wall.

“Edward hasn’t moved in fifty years,” the man whispers, and I detect a note of tenderness in his voice that he doesn’t attempt to hide. “And he was never a threat to my people.”

“Edward.” I try out the sound of the word as I return my focus to him. “Why does he not move? Do you know?”


I think of Marcus, never speaking unless absolutely necessary, never moving unless required, never so much as shifting the expression on his face. “I think I understand. A lost love?” I turn to the man again. “Was it very tragic? Did his mate die, or was she claimed by another?”

The man stares at me in disbelief for a long moment, and then finally: “She married someone else. He never left the house afterward, except to hunt. Then she died. She was human; she just got old. He never moved again.”

I sigh happily. “Thank you.” I tip my head to the side and study the man. “You tend to him, but you are young. Who cared for him before you?”

The man lifts his chin. “I’m older than I look.”

“Tell me your name,” I say, as I move back to Edward and reach out to push my fingers through the unruly hair that is wet and full of slimy mosses.

The man knocks my hand away. He is strong and fast, even in this form, but not strong enough. I let him dissuade me and do not punish him by tearing off his hand.

“Don’t touch him.”

“Why not? Is he yours? He is a vampire, one of those you kill. Why do you care? Do you love him? Desire him? Hope that one day he will wake and you may claim him and heal his heart after his great loss? Vampires mate rarely, wolf. The loss of a mate is irrevocable. I’ve never seen one who has healed. Do you think an animal would be good enough—”

“Shut up,” the wolf says, as he shoves me back, away from Edward, pushing me across the room as I laugh.

I could stop him easily, I know, but I like him.

Then he becomes a wolf again and I must act quickly if I am not to find myself torn apart upon those massive teeth.


The creature whines. Like a blind, newborn pup searching for warmth and nourishment, it swings its head and rolls onto its side. It knows nothing, can feel nothing, therefore cannot threaten my life. Yet I am disappointed to have to take all sensation away from it.

Before my eyes the creature shifts from beast to man, and I wish I knew if it was a conscious attempt. Even if it was, I doubt very much that he is aware of its success. However, I am pleased that he has. This man has his own beauty, and such a creature must be explored.

I feel the heat of him before I touch his flesh. Hotter than human, and despite the stink of him that is surely a biological warning to my kind, I wonder what his blood would taste like. Would he taste human or wolf? Will the taste of him depend on his form?

Venom pools in my mouth at the thought of tasting him, but I swallow it back. There are far more interesting things I wish to do with this body before I taste him, and he is pliant now, prone, and will give no resistance. I push him onto his back, exposing him to me completely, and I touch him.

His body does not need conscious effort to respond to me. He cannot feel my touches, my gentle encouragement, but his body knows, and he hardens in my hands quickly. I apply my mouth to him, feeling the weight of his length, heavy on my tongue, and before long I am aroused enough to want more.


Slick with my venom, he slides into my body easily as I bear down upon him. He sighs in pleasure, and I know he cannot feel himself inside me, does not know where this pleasure comes from, only knows inside his mind, cut off from any outside senses, that he is euphoric. His body sends chemicals into his brain that make him cry out and writhe beneath me as I ride him.

He comes quickly without conscious effort to hold back, flooding my cold insides with hot fluid. I keep moving until he slips from me, and then I crawl up his lax body, pry his teeth apart and drive myself into that hot cavern and thrust into his face as I hold his head to me by his hair until I flood his mouth with my venom.

I turn him onto his side so he does not suffocate as he coughs, trying to breathe through the fluid in his throat.


It’s not the first time I’ve taken pleasure in one rendered incapable by my gift. I’ve satisfied myself with vampires and humans in similar ways. I leave the wolf-man on the stinking floor, my ejaculate leaking from the side of his mouth, and go back to Edward.

He still has not moved, though why I thought he might, I have no idea, nor mark to measure against. Is this like my gift, his lack of movement or response, or is it wholly different?

The garments he is clothed in are rotting away, and it is nothing for me to expose him to my hands. He is magnificent, even with the moss and insects that have been hidden from view by his clothing.

I wonder why his caretaker chose not to unclothe him and clean these parts that have been so neglected.

If there is a mind within this dormant vampire, it is buried deep. No matter how I coax him, simple arousal seems impossible.

“You think I haven’t tried that?”

I turn to see the wolf, the man, shaking off the last vestiges of my gift. He pushes up into a crouch, his eyes on mine, and he spits the last of my venom onto the ground, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

I expect anger, disgust. Instead, he is strangely nonchalant as he approaches. He looks down at me, seeming to appraise my naked form, and my body responds to his gaze.

He lifts his eyes back to mine. “How old are you?”

I lift my chin. “I have existed for centuries.”

The smirk on his face disarms me. “Not what I meant.” His hand comes to rest on my lower back, and slides further, over my naked backside. “How old were you when you were changed? Must have been young, huh?”

I gasp as his fingers slide down the cleft between my cheeks and press inside, slipping easily, lubricated by his own semen. “I have no memory of my human life, but I am told I was very young.”

“What’s your name, little vampire?” He pushes his fingers in further, and I lean forward, pressing my face against Edward’s chest.

“Alec,” I breathe.

“Hmmm. If you wanted me to fuck you, Alec, you should have just asked. Didn’t have to…do whatever you did to me.”

His breath is hot in my hair, his chest and thighs burn me as they press against my back, and his fingers thrust faster in and out of me. His arousal is evident as he presses against me from behind.

“Want me to fuck you again, Alec?” he hisses. “Did you like my cock in your ass? I know I fucked, but I don’t remember doing it. What is it you do? Take memories? Did you knock me out?”

“I take your senses…”

“I feel a little cheated, Alec.” He pulls his fingers from me and realigns himself, sliding his hard length between my cheeks. “How about I take what I missed out on, huh?”

“Yes,” I murmur. “Take me.”

“Sure you don’t like it better when I’m clueless? When I can’t do anything to stop you?”

I gasp and press back against him. “I only… I only take what no one will give me. Who would want this? This body?”

He stills. “No one wants to fuck you?”

I shake my head frantically as I push myself back against him.

He lowers himself, bending his knees, and drags the blunt head of his erection over my entrance until he pushes inside. “I’ve looked like this since I was fifteen years old,” he whispers into my ear. “You’ve looked fifteen for centuries. There’s something kinda perfect about it.” He pulls back, then thrusts hard, making my body rock against the sleeping vampire before me. With every thrust, the wolf lifts me off my feet, and I wrap my arms around Edward’s neck and hold on as the wolf fills me completely.

“I’ve done what you did to me,” the wolf grunts. “To Edward. For years I fucked him, hoping that one day he’d wake up. I didn’t care if he was pissed at me. I didn’t care if he killed me. I just wanted some kind of reaction.”

“You love him,” I gasp, against Edward’s throat.

“Always did, but he was with her, and then when she didn’t want him anymore, he still didn’t want me. And then when she was gone, he just stopped. He’s been like this ever since. He asked me to kill him, but I couldn’t do it. So I come here, and I keep the shit from growing on him, and I…”

“You take him like this.”

“He doesn’t even know what I’m doing. He never gets hard, never feels a thing. He’s dead.”

“He’s not dead.” A vampire cannot die, it can only be destroyed.

“He might as well be. I should have burned him, and this fucking house.”

The wolf says nothing more, only increases the pace and force of his thrusts until he gasps and floods me with warmth, and then collapses heavily against me. My face is pressed against the chest of the sleeping vampire, and I look up to see the wolf as he kisses the cold, unresponsive lips. Tears flow freely down his face and fall hot against my cheeks.

This is the true tragedy, I realise. Not the loss of Edward’s love, long ago. It is this, the love of a wolf for a vampire who could never return it.

I slide out from between the lovers and retrieve my clothing. I dress slowly, reluctant to finish what I came here to achieve, and yet I know it will be a kindness when I destroy this wolf and take the sleeping vampire away from here.

The wolf suddenly stiffens, pulling back to look down into the face of the sleeping vampire.

And then I see it, as he has felt it, an almost imperceptible movement. The lips, slowly part, the eyelids slowly open to reveal dull black irises.

“…kill…” the vampire breathes. “…will kill you…”

The wolf takes no notice of the words. He holds the vampire’s face in his hands, bends to look into his eyes. “Edward? Oh my god, Edward.” And then he kisses him, devouring the lips of the reawakened creature and swallowing any further words.

I laugh. “Can’t you see? He’s woken only to warn you of your death, and you will not let him speak?”

The wolf looks up at me, and then back down at the vampire in his arms. “Edward?”

With jerky movements, the vampire reaches up and takes the wolf’s face in his hands. “Seth?” he rasps. “Thirsty…”

“We’ll hunt,” says the wolf. “Like we used to, remember? I miss our hunts, Edward…”


“Yeah, Edward? Tell me, love. Talk to me.”

The vampire seems to slump, his eyelids closing, his arms dropping to his sides as if exhausted. Then he peels away from the wall, leaving a man-shaped outline of moss and mildew, and falls to his hands and knees. It’s a weakness I’ve seen before in starved vampires—a punishment the Volturi will sometimes inflict on those they wish to suffer before their execution—but this is extreme. This vampire seems desperate to move and yet unable to do so. Utterly weak, unable even to hold up his own weight, he would likely be no match for a human of good strength. Then he slumps to the floor and is utterly still.

I have been sent to find the truth behind these tales of giant, vampire-killing wolves, and I have found it. I am charged with conveying the evidence back to Volterra. And if Aro knew about this sleeping vampire, he would want him as well.

Yet I find myself wishing to help these star-crossed lovers.

“He needs blood,” I say as I rush to Seth’s side and take his arm in my hand, swiftly opening the vein at his wrist with my fingernail.

The wolf cries out and struggles, but I hold the limb over Edward’s mouth, letting the flow of blood fall onto his tongue.

“No…I’ll get an animal…please…he’ll fucking kill me.”

“He just needs enough to wake, and then he can get his own. Besides, would you not give your life to save his?”

“He’s not gonna die?”

“You have no sense of romance,” I huff.

“You’re crazy.”

I look at the wolf and smirk. “Yes, I probably am. I just want to see him wake. I want to watch your happily ever after before I leave. I am likely certifiable. It could cost me my own life. Think about that.”

The wolf stares for a few moments, and then turns back to his vampire. He holds the bleeding wound over Edward’s open mouth until the flow eases, and then he sits back, the body of the vampire in his arms, stroking his putrid hair and kissing his bloodstained lips.

Then the vampire gasps, pulling air into his lungs in a rush. His eyes fly open and they are entirely black, the lack of blood leaching the colour out of even the white of the eye. He seeks out the source of the blood, grabbing the wrist of his wolf as if to bring it to his lips.

The wolf pulls away. “Edward, it’s me, Seth. You’re awake.”

The vampire tips his head to the side, peering closer at the wolf’s face. “Seth?”

The wolf nods and pulls Edward into his arms. “You’ve been asleep for so long…”

“Sleep? No, I can’t…”

I know it’s never going to happen for me. For one such as myself, changed too young, love is unobtainable. But this—knowing I have had some part in bringing together two for whom love has been elusive—warms my heart in a way I think perhaps love might feel. If I could feel it.

I meet Jane and Demetri and Felix outside the house. I smell human blood all over them and my throat burns.

“You missed a fine feast, brother,” Jane says. “Why did you not join us?”

“I was…exploring,” I say. “Did you do all right without me? I hope it wasn’t an inconvenience.”

“Not at all. We took them all in their sleep. The entire tribe. If any among them were the wolves we’ve heard so much about, they are no more.”

“Very well. Shall we go home?”

Jane leads the way, with Felix at her side. Demetri narrows his eyes as he passes me to walk ahead, but he says nothing.

They cannot see the secret smile that spreads across my face as I catch the fading scent of the wolf on my skin and imagine the lovers leaving that rotting house behind them.

I will be punished when Aro reads my mind and discovers what I have lost for him, but I have served him well for centuries, and if I am lucky, I will escape with my life. A little starvation I can survive, and it will be well worth it.


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