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Are you writing for the contest?

Yes? Then YAY! We can’t wait to read lots and lots of lovely vampy and wolfy slash.

There’s a few things that make our contest a little different from the majority. The maximum word count is a little lower than most. We did talk about lifting it, but after a discussion we decided that 8000 words is plenty. It’ll make things a lot easier on validators and judges, but beyond that, it is an excellent exercise in self-editing to limit yourself to a maximum word count.

But we’re not going to set that limit and leave you to figure it out for yourself.

An old blog post of mine on the subject of reducing word count:
I had multi-chapter epic fics in mind when I wrote it, but the idea can be easily applied to one shots.

Word Count: Murdering Your Darlings and King’s 10% Rule
A short article on certain words you can almost always cut, and other ways of cutting the fat.

Trouble Sticking to Your Word Count? Try These Editing Tricks
Aimed at non-fiction/academic writing, but still useful.

Editing – For Word Count
Get rid of unnecessary characters, subplots, scenes, and words.

Editing For Word Count Improves Your Writing
Another aimed at non-fiction, but the example at the bottom of a 1st, 2nd and 3rd draft passage is worth looking at.

One of the best bits of writing advice I ever picked up was ‘kill your darlings’. It means don’t be so precious that you aren’t prepared to lose something you love if it doesn’t help the story along.

Another difference (okay, so this is kind of obvious) is that you can’t write AH for this contest 😉 Canon and AU can be a little challenging, depends how close to canon you want or your story needs to be.

There’s a bunch of links in the sidebar under ‘Writing Resources’ that might help, but some stuff just isn’t covered in the Twilight Lexicon mythology pages (I tend to start tweeting about vampire jizz about now), so we want to help. No one knows the answers to some of these questions (is Wolf/Vamp sex even possible?) but it helps to talk about these things, so send us whatever you want to discuss, and we’ll post it as a discussion topic in the ‘Writing Vamp’ section. Email or tweet us your question/suggestion.

Thanks for reading, now go write!

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