We asked our judges to tell us a little about themselves so readers and entrants can get to know them a little better.


*clears throat* Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3… Is this thing on? *taps mic*

Hi there! I’m ICMezzo. And I want you to write me some vampires (and/or wolves).

I don’t mind if they’re canon or not, and you can win my heart with angst, or fluff, crack, or any other genre. Just make me believe your character(s) aren’t completely human, m’kay? They’re different from us. Embrace it! 🙂

As for me, I love writing vampires of all kinds… canon (How could it not have been? and Silent Night), crack (Seamen Extraordinaire and Observations of a Virginal Vampire), and…confused? (Said and Done, of course.) I’m sure there are a few others in my profile, but unlike the vampires you’ll be writing, I’m rather forgetful. 😉

So, please, set aside your AH, engage the beauty of the shapeshifters and undead, and write for the vampslash contest. You know you want to!

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My name is Sarah and I like my pears overripe.  Also: dance-walking, peek-a-boo, and sparkly kush.

The fics I’ve loved most have tended to be either superangsty or superfluffy.  I love the idea of soulmates/soul-deep connection. Intense.  All-consuming love.  While I’m an E/B girl at heart, I love non-canon pairings, very much.

I’ve written a few one-shots and am currently completing the last few chapters of Trippin, Slippin, Stumbletumblin – Volturi Edward discovers his singer when she’s just a baby.  Isabella’s best friend ditches her when she’s just a kid.  Grudges are built where bridges once stood.  Etc etc.

I’m so looking forward to all the different pairings and to reading these stories.  Can I say that?  I’m saying that 🙂

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Hi, I’m ShortHappyLife (my nod to Hemingway, which I worry makes me appear as an anti-feminist, but what can you do), also known as Ash to some people.  In the real world, I wear a lot of hats (wife, mom, editor, sprightly pixie), but I prefer the world of fandom, where I’m occasionally a writer and always dating Draco Malfoy (yeah, I love Harry Potter).

In my own writing, I tend to stick with all human, but in stories I read I’ll give any pairing or universe a shot.  When reading a fic, I prefer that the characters maintain some semblance of their canon personality.  I love it when they can stay in character, but be written in a way that makes them so believable in a non-canon pairing, or alternate universe, that I prefer the fic to the original series.

At the moment I have one WIP, A Room With a View — it’s a humorous story about an Edward that vacillates between bumbling and deliberately sexy, and a Bella who’s all sass and embarrassing inner monologue.  A lawyer and an aspiring literary agent, respectively, they meet in their shared office building and watch the sparks fly as they navigate the new relationship territory.  It’s funny, a little fluffy and, I’m told, real.

I also have a oneshot titled The Moment I Can See It which is my favorite story of mine.  Edward and Jasper meet on a fateful afternoon and are followed through glimpses of their subsequent relationship.  Insecurities, moments of bliss, fights, make-ups — it’s a snapshot of a real relationship between two people who always choose each other.

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giselle-lx is not new to writing queer-themed fiction, but is new to writing it in Twific. She’s found the addition of slash to her vampire stories to be fun and gratifying. As a vampfic-only writer, she’s always on the lookout for stories with rich characterization that build on and deeply explore the people that we met in the books. She was brought to and stays in Twific because of an incorrigible love of the character of Carlisle Cullen. She slashed him with Edward in a BD AU, For a Season, and is up to her eyebrows in his history with his father, the Volturi, and Edward in her current multi-chapter, STREGONI BENEFICI.

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Hi, I’m bmango. I am a US expat living in the Netherlands and have been writing fanfiction for about a year and a half now. It all started with a DILF contest and Emmett (Emmett’s New Pussy), but now I write mostly slash, although non-popular pairings and characters are the norm. It used to be that I would read almost anything, but now, when I read fanfiction, I tend to favor angst over fluff and real drama or excitement over miscommunications. (Although, I’ve definitely written both.) In all my spare time, I enjoy tattoos, drawing, walking my dog and traveling in Europe. (Not necessarily in that order.)

Bmango is the author of Ready For You (AH E/J multichap) and Designs, Desires and Disasters (AH E/J OS, Judge’s Pick Boardroom to Bedroom contest).

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Thanks so much, girls, for taking the time to talk about yourselves a bit. We all know how hard it is!


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